iPod Touch 6th Generation Review – 2015 iPod Touch 6G

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All New Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Review. Ultimate iPod Touch 6th Gen Detailed Review. 6G Camera, Speed Test, Puppy Test, Features & More.


Lele Walker says:

my cuzzin mad because he have to leave but we go get him tomorrow though he about to get out now ***

Bill Dunn says:

Ipod op m8

iBasedCandy “BruhItsAmery” says:

when you still got the 5g :(

Anna Janika says:

The puppy is so adorable. Can I have him? ????

Anna Janika says:

The puppy is so adorable. Can I have him? ????

303manu3l303 says:

I'm going to get this to match my gold iPhone 6. I also want an Apple TV.

Cassandra Carranza says:

I have the iPod6

You2oobBrian says:

I have a iPod 6g 32gb but where can I find a protective case for it?

pewdiepie fan says:

5th gen and 6th gen are almost the same, with some changes. if you had an ipod 5th gen and a 6th gen you might not be able to tell the difference. I think ill stick with my ipod 5 for a little while longer. although I would LOVE the better graphics, the ipod 5th gen graphics do just fine for me. now, I highly suggest getting the 6th gen.

ginaloveian says:

So is the iPod touch 6th generation smaller then the iPod 5 ?

Elizabeth S. says:

Can I download pandora on ot?

Elizabeth S. says:

i want your puppy!!!

puppy2509 says:

Im a simple woman I see a puppy, i click like.

Ezinne Anyanwu says:

Can u give a iPod 5 or 6 away because some people really want one but can't afford it like me. I would really like if you have one away

Strifix Games says:

I just got the ipod 5… Then i saw this video.???? I HATE MY LIFE!!!

Spencer Talain says:

here in the philippines. im using galaxy S6 and barely touch 2mbps download speed. JUSTICE????????????

Jacob Yeager says:

Well, i wanted a 5s, but this seems just like it! I'll probably use whatever i have left for a 64GB gold ipod 6th gen (or 5th)

ChattGM says:

Excellent review. The last time I checked to see if there was any news of an Ipod touch 6th generation coming out there was NOTHING on the internet about it. Like it was nothing but tumbleweeds blowing and now I find out that it's been released. BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD ALL DAY!! I totally had it with my 5th generation. Camera was good to start but then as time went on I'm like oh it's not all that good lol. Some times my volume is low too when the volume is all the way up to the max. NOOOO!! I'm done with this struggle. Investing my money into the 6th generation. Thank you Apple for not discontinuing the Ipod Touch. That blue one has my name all over it. I can just hear it calling me lol. Oh and that puppy made the review all the more awesome :D

TheMysticalFire says:

Man fuck Apple. They're coping Samsung. Samsung originally made the S pen. Now apple is coping with " The Apple Pencil". Apple are a bunch fucking losers.

jasmin kittykat says:

What kind of puppy is that

Valliex says:

Bad things about the ipod touch 6g
Small screen
No battery percentage (the number)
No touch id

Good things
Lots of colour

Valliex says:

All i care is about the battery 😛 i think imma buy it. I have an ipad mini 2

unknown94 says:

iPod Touch 5th generation refresh. Still the same design but with no loop.

Varun sharda says:

Thank you very much for the review

Emily Jerdan says:

Your puppy is so cute

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