iPod Touch 6G vs 5G vs 4G vs 3G vs 2G vs 1G Speed Test Comparison

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iPod Touch 6G vs 5G vs 4G vs 3G vs 2G vs 1G Speed Test. EVERY iPod Touch Ever Made Comparison.


UrBoiiSM55 noo says:

im wrong, i think i have da 2nd model if im wrong..

UrBoiiSM55 noo says:

i have da first ipod model ever made, it doesnt have camera, it has 8 GB, comes from da year 2007-2008, and its a shit dats all :D

TheGamerGriffin says:

i wonder if theyll ever add a fingerprint sensor to the ipod?

cave gamer says:

I'm on a iPhone 4s :|

Ishmael Zivan says:

for the 6th gen I recommend to buy the color blue

Ahegao Intensifies says:

I'm proud to own every generation of iPod touches, I've been with Steve since 2007

TheGearGamer says:

I have the ipod 1g from when i was young! i got it for christmas! thought it was cool gets iphone 6 omg so cool gets iphone 7 plus jet black omggggg so cool!

Sean LeccaTwo says:

iPod touch sucks

Golden Foxy [FNAF] says:

I have the o pod 5

FazeMaster Insane says:

I have an iPod Touch 6!

FireArmyYT says:

I have an iPod touch 2G and it still has no cracks or dents. Lol!

RChelicopter22 says:

What is the black thing next to the camera on the newest iPod

enchiladas 44 says:

I have an iPod touch 5th gen and it's slow af I can barley play coc or go on fb without it crashing

Bella Lucci says:

Ahh I remember when my 4 was new! Now it's too slow to use except for texting ????

Ahegao Intensifies says:

I'm just waiting for that iPod Touch 7G to come out

Kacey Johnson says:

I'm watching this on a 4

staying strong says:

i uave the ipod 4 i want the ipod 6 for x-mas

Christina C says:

My ipod 4g literally takes an hour to boot up, sometimes longer.

Christian Bryant says:

can i hve your ipod 6th generation


I have an iPod 5 and the battery broke a few weeks after getting it

Nananini Stcyr says:

Hey can I have the 5 genaration

SpongeKitty says:

I had the fourth then I had the fifth and I never noticed they switched the head phone thing this video brought back so many memories

Mac Guy3135 says:

Still remember when the iPod touch was the greatest thing ever. I mean it was an entire computer in your hand. And it wasn't even that expensive. Man I loved my 4th, still have it liked it so much I bought 2, and a 5 and a 6.

Bobby Jay says:

I still have the 4th generation. I enjoyed using it for the first 3 years and now it's dead slow. I use it as my second alarm to get me out of bed. It's always on top of the wardrobe so it makes me get out of bed to switch it off.

Arham Rahman says:

am I the only one not watching this on a apple device? (am on a Asus tablet)

Experimental Gisella says:

The IPOd 5 and 6 are like the same as IPhones????????

*Starbucks_gymnast* says:

Cringes and looks at my really old iPod-agh I need an update, I mean look at the YouTube app back then! (I'm on an iPad mini right now!

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