iPod Touch 6G vs 5G vs 4G vs 3G vs 2G vs 1G Drop Test!

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EVERY iPod Touch Ever Made Destroyed. iPod Touch 6G vs 5G vs 4G vs 3G vs 2G vs 1G Drop Test.


Elwyn Hammonds says:

I actually dropped my phone when watching this vid lol :D

Isabelle Bianca Nuestro says:


GlitteryDinosRAWR says:

my friend has broke her ipod touch 4g twice by it falling out of her pocket. the 4g has such a bad screen

Nathan Forde says:

Will you do a Christmas giveaway for a ipod 6th gen???

Kyla Miller says:

I'm getting an iPod touch 6 for xmas and immediately my mom told be to find a durable case for one of my aunts to get me for Xmas.

memes 666 says:

I'm still using my 3rd gen that I got back when it first came out (6 years ago?), and I can confirm that it is a BEAST. up until last year it had no major chips or cracks or scratches until I dropped it on the bus and somebody stood on it… came out with a hairline crack like the 2nd had in the video. I do however have to give myself credit for not being a careless idiot like most of my peers who's phones/iPods look like absolute garbage because they don't take care of them. seriously everbody I see with an iPod looks like they took a hammer to the screen.
I am getting the 6th gen soon so I hope it holds up well.

Leo Reynolds says:

can i have the 6 one?

Ana Ferreira says:

billy gates is fu Kingston rich

Pressley Deese says:

Yeah I have the iPod 5 and I dropped it from mid thigh with a protective case on it and it shattered

Alyssa Carter says:

I have the 5th gen I drop it all the time generally on concrete and tiles had it since Xmas 2012 when it came out and only a few scratches on the back and side.. It's very durable actually

Talon Fernandez says:

I just dropped my iPod 5 a

Ba[R]aD` says:

why the fuck do you count down for just drop the fucking device and be done with
fucking dumb ass man

lamarre toussaint says:


Stephen Barr says:

I guess the ipod 6 is durable as fuck

Iona1998 says:

This whole video made me very uncomfortable especially the last ipod

_NoName_ says:

Your recording it via iPhone! You monster!!! U r letting the iPod's brother watch their destruction! :,(

Creek Morley says:

you are amazing

PvtClift says:

I've had my iPod touch 5 gen for 2 years and little over a half and not a scratch on it. I don't even use a case,matter of fact I'm using it to type this and send it.

Mysterious Gamer says:

5th and 6th Gen are the exact same size

Mysterious Gamer says:

i got my first ipod when i was 5 or 6

Jose Mondragon says:

hey dude what do you do with all the broken ones.

Taylor H says:

I have the iPod touch 6th generation and in blue do you think mine is good and I really like mine

Onyinye Okeleke says:


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