iPod Touch 6G VS 5G – Ultimate Full Comparison

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New iPod Touch 6th Generation VS 5th Generation – 6G VS 5G Camera, Speed Test, Specs, Battery Life & More! Is It Worth The Upgrade?


j - wolf says:

I have the 6th one 

Eva Westforce says:

Apple removed the little attachement at the lower left corner because as you can see, it was on the same exact spot as the speaker. It took a lot of space so it was difficult for the speaker. They removed it and now the sound on the 6g is way better than the 5g

Rinoa Salamander says:

I just got a new 6G yesterday, and I am sooo disappointed. Well, the 5G was cheaper, and I could have literally just gotten that again! I use my iPod all the time, but I don't mind the slightly slower loading, and I don't use the camera so… Yeah. Wasted money..

Edgar Martinez says:

Ipod 5g 32gb or Ipod 6g 16 gb?

kenjesson yamagami says:

ipod touch is almost like an iphone…

Lu cy says:

He forgot the color of red for the iPod 6

GamingPuppy says:

I might be getting one for my birthday I'm trying to save up for a pink one for gaming

Francisco Tellado says:

thank you for taking your time and showing is this video

Briley Izu says:

Sry but it's just confusing

Fariha Tasnim says:

+EverythingApplePro Do a comparison video between IPod touch 6th gen Vs IPhone 6s plus.

Jesus Ramirez says:

HELP PLZ RESPOND Is the case is it the same for the no camera in the back

Simply Mia says:

did anyone else cringe when he was tapping the buttons really slowly?

Evelyn Rodriguez says:

I have a 5????????

Race2461 Gaming says:

I'm watching on a iPod 6g

Roger Wittekind says:

Thanks for the video but I have to disagree with the statement you made about "is basically an iPhone 5S without the phone part" because the direction of the bluetooth tethering/hotspot.
The iPhone only allows you do use your iPhone as a bluetooth hotspot but the iPod allows you to use the bluetooth hotspot/tethering from iPhones or Adroids that have the Bluetooth Tethering option meaning they are complete opposites when it comes to bluetooth tethering/hotspot because the iPhone can only be a BT Hotspot Server and the iPod can only be a BT Hotspot client.

James Cromer says:

Sure the 5G is a little slower, but the 6G has a bigger glitch problem. My 5 has only had to get the glitch refresh once, while the 6 I've done it twice already. The six is much newer than my five though.

Aidan Sparkes says:

I still have the 5g one and despite taking a while to turn on it still works very well

Conner Michel says:

I used to have one when I was about 4. And I thrown it away!.

Alexis Boyer says:

I have the 6th

Billybob Yarmas says:

ipod 7g this year???

Laila Qazweeni says:

I got the iPod five fifteen days before the iPod six will come ore and I was so frustrated and I wanted to break my iPod five so I can get the iPod six but thank god I I saw this video I feel good not buying iPod six

Robert pearson says:


Im Devzz says:

Cccccccccrccccc cccccccccc çc

Lakitu Ash says:

for some reason, my ipod 5 doesnt have a back camera :(

Gaming With Logan says:

Can only afford the 5 :(

netO says:

where do you have all those chickens

Isha Hussien says:

I am about to get one in 5 days yay mommy us gonna buy me one

LJTeam says:

The iPod 6 is 400 lol the cheapest I have ever seen it is 340 the iPod 5 is 300 on sale 230 – 280

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