iPod Touch 5th vs 6th Generation Review!

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iPod Touch 5th vs 6th Generation Review!

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How much faster is the 2015 iPod Touch? Let’s find out!

Austin’s Video: https://youtu.be/Blc9W6k0qTg
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Apple just dropped a new 2015 iPod Touch (6th generation) with a faster A8 processor, 8 megapixel camera and a handful of colors. My video shows how the new 6G stacks up against the older 2012 6G iPod Touch.

6th gen iPod Touch specs & colors: https://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/specs/

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Super Pig says:

Few I got 6g

Hannah Gl says:

Watching on an iPod 5 because my parents think me as a 14 year old dose not need a phone ….. Help

Animator Guy says:

I'm on blue iPod 6g now lol and update is iOS 10.2.1

Space says:

The only bad thing about 6th is the battery life

Orlando 2017_27 says:

The pictures on the iPod 6 is just like the iPhones it looks the same to me

Funstex says:

Should I get the silver, slace gray aka black, gold or the red colour?

Vayda Garrod says:

I have the gold one

davolo video says:

noooooo is fake

Vhedits says:

my frend has ipod 5 i hav the 6

Jacob Thorn says:

Just bought an iPod Touch 5th Generation in 2017… Im happy though, not complaining, it works fine.

Ava Pettingill says:

What was the game you were playing with the jumping puff ball?


is the glass or the metal different?

Stickdoge1414 says:

the iPod 5 was slow as shit

George Theboy says:

Bum iPod touch 6 see a1 chip everything hates it

Nathan Da Player says:

I'm going to get the 6th generation if I improve my behaviour and do more things for myself. I'm stuck on colour. What colour EXCEPT pink is good? It's not that I hate pink, I might get made fun of if I bring a pink item to school because I might take mine.

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