iPod Touch 3rd Generation Review [8GB]

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This is my review of the iPod Touch 3rd Gen 8GB model. Watch my thoughts on this product, as it is pretty much a 2nd gen device…

For reference, this is proof that by technicality, it is a 3rd Gen [Late 2009] Model…



Buster_killer246 says:

Does it even have a fricken wifi and web?

Ipodtouch10 says:

I have the 4 g and 5 g

MonsterSubaruLover 96 says:

I'm collecting the iPod touches from 1st to 4th. I bought a iPod touch 2nd gen Friday. I'm typing on a iPhone 4. Buying a 4S running iOS 6 on Thursday 🙂 

Aidan Kirkpatrick says:

i have one but the screen is broken

Kobietron Pearson says:

I'm getting this or the 5G

Stephanie Aseron says:

my ipod is full of scratches HAHAH ok

Tyler Torres says:

Hay retardants it has a 3.5 inch display not 2.5 stupid

Geovanye Herera says:

i am ipod touch 3 8gb is good

ulises and brandy's random videos says:

Is it good for watching videos and what apps can I use on it.today

Ronjit Barua says:

Ken. you gave me a tech boner.  thanks. 

Greatmadbeast Hulo says:

I saw one in a store for 29.99 but it was pre-oowned but it stll works also its desined for kids :D

Heaven-Haley Drobnick says:

Actually that iPod that he is holding is a third generation. I used to have one but no I have a 5

TheTroubleMaker says:

my friend was going to sell his ipod to me for20$ but i cant accses the app store

Zoe G. says:

How much does this cost

Zoe G. says:

Does this have a camera

Moudi Aldseem says:

كم سعره

salman ali says:

That's not a ipod 3gen it is A4g you FUCKER 

salman ali says:

That's not a ipod 3gen it is A4g you FUCKER 

Aaron Romano says:

Mine is branded as a 3rd Gen iPod it's a 6 GB model, slow as hell crashes a lot and typing this comment is a hassle as the keyboard slows down so much. It's really just a 2nd Gen iPod with 6GB of memory haha aw man.. Otherwise I just use it for music. The camera isn't very clear too much grain. Very thin and fits in my skinny jeans unnoticeable 

how to be awsome says:

iv got a 4g

Apple Club says:

Yours probably has a model number of A1288, thus it is a 2nd generation. The 3rd generation, available in 32GB and 64GB sizes, has a model number of A1318. Do you have a source as to when Apple referred to the 8GB model as the 3rd generation?

lightningx10 says:

the 8gb model was a rebranded ipod touch 2nd gen literaly a 16, 32 and 64 gb model are faster, this 8gb is esentually a 2g, infact it IS

Brian Tang says:

In my opinion, it's the worst thing ever now. I had mine for many years, around 4 years and now I can't access iTunes store, most of the apps crash, can't get new update for mine and everything lags and crashes. I think it is terrible. Not even comparing to the newer generations. I use textPlus app (old, not even in stores anymore) and it often crashes and I have to retype whole message or error or loads but doesn't send.

Uriel Galindo says:

Watching on 5gen.

Uriel Galindo says:

Yes the 3G ipod tough had 8GB.
It came in 8, 32, and 64GB.

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