iPod nano commercial

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Artist – Feist
Song – 1234
Album – The Reminder


sunmin1996 says:

When iPod nanos were good…

Jamal Deemer says:

This was my first ipod and first apple product, at a time when I was really expanding my musical tastes. I used the shit out of it. such nostalgia =)

xDuXx says:

i still have the white one and it works great still there are problems with the headphones i need to change them from time to time

Tom McGrath says:

My favourite iPod nano by far. 🙂 The only reason why I upgraded is because I needed more than 4GB of space.

kingcamilo says:

apple has made so much money of u dumbasses muahahahaha

manta502 says:

Oh yeaaa these commercials! I miss them 😛

Prevail says:

ahh the joy of i pods and computers syncing, my pc crashed and cant sync anything 😐

Sophia Ma says:

my fucking IPod just deleted everything that was on it by itself -.-
wow and i don't even have my old computer to put all the music on it again. I'm desperate and hate that stupid thing!

MrVanhorn11 says:

Hey dompicur acually the 5g was the best

Eniko Fenyvesi says:

actually that was the best nano ever!!!

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