iPhone4 vs HTC Evo

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Nicholas Lombardi says:

LOL it fucking prints money O.o

never gets old

Asriel StoryShift says:

is this meme dead?

Jacqueline Wallace says:

iPhone fanboys

Mr Joe says:

Tiny Watch, The Youtuber, Please Remove That Violent Video That Contains Bad Words, Inappropriate Words, etc.

Milton Smith says:

This is still damn funny!

Ocelotty1 says:

I just died inside, the laughter, even after all this time, is undiminished

Biff The MinPin All Day says:

The bear on the right is actually SIRI!!

Jacob Mead says:

2016 and still funniest video on the internet.

macnerd93 says:

I've had an iPhone since 2007, but this made me laugh so much.

James Honey says:

If there is a Spanish version of these 'speech bots' I soooooo wish you'd run the text through Google Translate and then the bots. Or post the dialogue text here and let me translate it the text to Spanish. A friend I have in Mexico and their kid BOTH sound like the iPhone customer in this clip. IPhone IPhone IPhone IPhone IPhone IPhone IPhone IPhone ad nauseum. I'd love to translate it into Spanish, post it here, and tell them to play it and follow in Spanish. Fn broke-poor and still wanting iPhones instead of a cheaper, superior Android phone. Status slaves.

W L D vynzs says:

I don't care lol

Austin W says:

nothing change 7 year later

SlickNicky10 says:

It fucking prints money

I don't care

Eddie Brooks says:

That will be for ever

Optimum Skunt says:

Now Apple is removing standard features from their phone, and heavily implying you should buy their $169 shitty bluetooth earbuds. And people like this will continue to flock to Apple because apple told them it's "courageous" or "brave", a term that surely made their marketing/advertising team laugh their asses off, knowing dipshits would eat that shit right up.

Andy Lopez says:

2016 nothing has changed

TheBluHeavy (Shrektendo) says:

Xtranormal is back as Nawmal! :D

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