iPhone X (parody)

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DemonCode Gaming says:

I agree with this video the only good fucking iPhone that was the best and everyone wanted was the iPhone 6 and I have a eligible upgrade for a new phone and honestly I dont even know if I want the overpriced iPhone 7 with a glass back or what ever the fuck you call that iPhone with full screen

2 Bros That Game says:

Is he just joking

Milo the gamer says:

HAHAHA lmfao

Viper regained galactic gaming says:

My grandma thought this was real lol

Ronald Rommel says:

2:04 the iphone 8 is completly different than the iphone 7…

You see now its 800 $

Xaiano says:

the 8/10 doesn't interest me – i'm waiting for the iPhone 9/11 – i'll be flying down to the store and cashing in on those explosive products. Heck i'd be so desperate I would trade-centre my first born!

Ahmed G. says:

It’s iPhone “ten” not iPhone “ex”

Jackson says:

People will still buy apple s shit…..

Jager Gsg-9 says:

That gold tho.

That Nightwave says:

well i guess i could use my raven patronus, right?

Tiggy Volts says:

If ads were honest….

NRVOfficial says:

You probably would have to buy the power, volume and home button separately XD

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