iPhone X Impressions & Hands On!

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iPhone X. AKA iPhone 10. AKA The New iPhone. In the flesh!

The iPhone X prototype model: https://youtu.be/r7ygnDKpFRE

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



amoslegalise says:

Hey look at all those blackberry 10 gestures on the new ios

eco8gator says:

so regarding face id what happens if your face gets puffy for some reason…like you get into a bar fight…

Hopefully you can also get into the phone using a text password…

Trent Rasmussen says:

The only thing I like more about this than the s8 has to be no Bixby button

tramp931 says:

S8 is better. Don't be a sucker and buy it

Joseph Jolley says:

dude i want your shirt

RANDON says:

iPhone X = iPod nano 6gb 🤔

Tikashi's World says:

To me the biggest part of the x is the camera so it takes some good pics better then the 7+ that's the only reason I like the x they also did something with the speakers to make it louder so there's a few good things just not enough to pay 1000

Gabriel Gonzalez says:

is there still a pin thing you so you can unlock the phone or only facial recognition

Tech & Muscle says:

Come on dude, 7 ate 9 everyone knows that.

tony z says:

buy ~~~~~~~

marcus rocha says:

Is it just me or could Apple be more desperate to be like Microsoft, come on now. Windows went from 8 to 10 now Apple is doing the same. But let's try and fancy it up and call it by it Roman numeral "X" . Oh wait Microsoft has done that too with the new Xbox. Apple your innovation died with Steve. Let's just change your name to Johnny come lately.

SlappinnHoes says:

6s never was (still is) a piece of absolute shit. I've had 2 6s and both of them began to have battery problems. Also terrible touch screen detection and both incredibly fucking slow. Get a iPhone 8 and stop being broke I'm fucking sick of people complaining about problems with their old ass phones when 3 other ones already came out with major improvements and because it doesn't have the words "innovative" thrown onto it they want to call it overpriced and a waste.

RoxasnotSora says:

U could stick with an iPhone 6 and be good for a WHILE no reason for anything past the 7

The Absolutely Guy says:

Samsung/Android fanboys are like DCEU fanboys. Immature and whiny. “Aw, the thing I like isn’t as popular as the thing I don’t like! Wahhhh!” Not calling you a Samsung fanboy, just stating it in general. Love your videos, by the way.

Vanneker says:

iOS 11 removed forced touch multitasking

ISOHaven says:

I've never taken my phone out of my pocket and seen the slide to power off bar so I highly doubt there will be a siri pocket issue.

CustomAddics says:

Any ideas on how to charge it in your vehicle

drwhowho says:

no fuck was given

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