iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo FIX (no computer and no restore)

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this video will fix your iPhone, iPod, iPad, stuck on Apple logo without computer and without restoring wich can happen after jailbreak. if you follow these directions correctly.
No computer needed and no restore
First press and hold home and sleep buttons till screen flashes black
then let go of them and press sleep and volume up button as fast as possible,
as soon as you see apple logo appear release home button while holding volume up button till slide to unlock appears… Thank you


T Uka says:

It didn't work. :-(

V.Lone Thug says:

Allahu Akbar

Chritian Garcia says:

Your spit disgusted your cp

Andrew Perrin says:

I held for 8min, no luck

Cameron Perkins says:

Hi I got one question I rebooted my phone and now it is stuck on the logo I tried all tricks and fixs but still nothing I might have to take it to Apple or verizon

Jeanette Alvarez says:

i tried it but it doesnt work at all

baoff666z says:

wow this actually works that a legend !!!!!!!

Kulvinder Kaur says:

Hi I have an iPhone 5s and my phone is stuck with an white apple logo. I have tried both technique n it's still not working, please help

Najma Maguidala says:

in the descreption below you write it that after turning black screen then press home and volume up but in the video you press sleep and volume up. ? i dont understand?

tECH'N'iNFO says:

Thx vry much. it worked.

Emz jane says:

Got no pc or laptop how can i get my fone back on. Its not jail brake on

Emz jane says:

How to do it wiv no iTunes to connect

zayan ali says:

Thanks so much

Chris Crawford says:

This worked great! Thanks.

Joyce Hastings says:

mine not stuck on appple logo. stuck with ITunes in the middle of screen

Ces O. says:

Its ok Im not the only one with disabled iphone ????????????

Yorda Hudaya says:

This worked on my phone, thanks a lot

a harris says:

my phone died and will not turn on, it just gets stuck on the apple logo. if i press and hold the lock/unlock button, it gets stuck. i've tried pressing and holding the home and lock button together and it takes it off of the logo if i release before it gets back to it, but if i keep holding until the apple logo comes back it will get re-stuck. if i plug it in, it doesn't even show the battery button it just goes straight to getting stuck on the apple logo. i'm scared to try this because i feel like my phone will reset itself or something. i haven't backed my phone up in three days to my laptop, and i have photos i don't want to get erased. does anyone know if this is a safe method to use? i'd also like to include that i have no money for a new phone, it's 5 am and i can't wake anyone up from being on the phone with apple support, and i don't have insurance for my phone.

Cynthia Delgado says:

My iPod touch 5 won't turn back on. The apple logo pops up for a few minutes but after a while it goes black all over again. I don't know what to do anymore.

toby drinkwater says:

mine isn't jailbroken but won't get off apple symbol help me

Thiri Thein says:

it just stays black then i try it again and it stays on the apple logo..

Kyle Duffy says:

i give up after 10mins

Aida Nieves says:

i have done this several times still not working is there something else i can try

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