iPhone Solution : Stucked on Apple Logo screen

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1.. Hold the home button for 3 seconds

2. connect the sync cable with your iPhone

3. Hold down the power button for 8 seconds while still holding home button

4. After see the flashing,Release the power button and continue holding home button for a further 10 seconds
–This will appear the CONNECT TO iTUNES screen.
and you done here.

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Gflow says:

Thank you so much! It actually worked!

Bllueflame says:

Dude I love you it worked

poloconnor says:

Worked Thx

Najaya Simmons says:

what do u do after it says connect to itunes

Hollie S says:

Oh my goodness actually worked! Thanks!

jordan phillips says:

thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kp Love says:

OMG! This actually worked! My iPod 5 has been flashing the apple logo for the past 30 minutes. Now it's connected to iTunes and updating ????????

Google Play says:

thanks!!! it helped
my cp won't turn on so I searched on how to deal with it. They said press the power and home button at the same time so I did and it only showed the logo. I saw your video and I tried pressing the home button but it did not show anything other than vibrate after a few seconds/minute but I did not stop and finally!!!!…it turned on and I am happy!!!! it save me some money!!

Kristina Cabral says:

thank you so effing much to think i should go ask a technician when i could have googled it thank u so berry berry much

Abbie Fox says:

thank you!

kenjin villera says:

Thank you!

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