iPhone & iPod not showing up in My Computer fix (Easy Fix!)

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iPhone not showing up on your computer? If your iDevice does not appear in ‘My Computer’ this method should get your PC to recognize the device like normal.


shihas glow says:

thank you bro

Jullian Tadena says:

thanks dude! so dope

mandycruz78 says:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm leaving out of town and needed to clear my phone stat! Worked like a charm!!! Whoop whoop!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Blonde Hair Don't Care says:

It's already up to date – I'm sure that installing iTunes affects the reliability of iphone detection.

Neonlux says:

It does not show up on my portable devices list.

rikiluv1 says:

this video still helping me out in 2017, thanks dude.

Rebecca Lucey says:

Thanks a bunch!

Rod Vautier says:

This advice worked perfectly. Thank you. I have had this issue repeatedly and I never found a simple solution before – even asking IT Dept. Nice.

Tiger the Lion says:

Thanks for the help dude, was able to fix my problem!

Presley Kai says:

mine doesn't have MTP USB Device to manually install! what should i try instead? helpppp

shakila rapail says:

finally thanksss

catalin crisan says:

what's the last thing he clicked?

Gib Keight says:

done as u did. still the iPod not connecting to itunes. keeps disconnecting. is it the cable itself as it may not be genuine apple cable??

Izaak Clifton says:

Portable devices doesn't show up in my device manager please help.

MightyMite says:

Was  your device plugged in while you were updating the drivers?

VeryFunny says:

Thank you. Apple support are fucking morons. How could they be so dumb to a fix so simple.

Tim Winter says:

Thanks man!

Idam Rs says:

Thank you so much.

Created by Lau says:

Thanks works a treat

K3rr4x4l says:

'Click this…' i don't see anything.

Masterfail Productions says:

this still working in 2017!

Mike Cope says:

I you do not have a portable devices in device manager try looking under Universal Serial Bus controllers and look for an apple device. Once the the MTP driver is updated the portable devices selection should become visible.

Nathan Childers says:

Helped me fix my iPhone 7 on my pc

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