iPhone in recovery mode? Don’t restore it without trying this first!

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Have an iOS device in recovery mode? Have data on it that isn’t backed up (i.e. photos, videos, contacts, etc)? Do NOT restore it in iTunes without trying not to get it out of recovery mode by other means first! You will LOSE all un-synced data if you recover it with iTunes.


David Adams says:

This video's information is bogus! BOGUS! B O G U S ! The recommendations of the free software offered in this video merely put the phone into RESTORE mode. The only way to get out of RESTORE MODE is to restore your phone which wipes out ALL the information, photos, and apps that did not come with the phone the day you bought it. Once you are in Recovery or Restore mode you CAN NOT get out of it without wiping your phone clean of everything except what it had the day you bought it. I called a Mac expert, AT&T, and Apple Help and they all told me you can not get out of RESTORE mode without returning your phone to the Factory Settings which wipes out all photo, notes, reminders, and apps that didn't come with the iPhone.

The links this video recommends end in DISASTER! Many posted Reviews say otherwise, but they are phony and bogus and probably planted by the authors of the disaster-ware. The offer entices because the apps and programs are offered for free. Then, require you to BUY software to get out of RESTORE mode. But they don't work either! Once in RESTORE mode, you have to RESTORE the iPhone.

Deanne Cai says:

what is the download link for recboot? im scared of getting a virus

Laine Arbilon says:

Mine does not work. I tried doing what you did but the recboot wont open on my mac. I need help!

baljeet dogra says:

good work

baljeet dogra says:

thanx bro u save my internet

Vuk Adzic says:

Can i download recboot on 64 bit windows…
Cause at the bottom of that site it says: DO NOT DOWNLOAD ON x64

KingNeoGaming says:

how do you get it in recovery mode

Lourdes Albarastine says:

Hello, I have the same problem and googled recboot CNET…when i clicked on that site which one do I download, since there is alot of options? TIA

Deanna Terrell says:

it didn't work I need help

Nadine Munoz says:

Can you download recboot on any computer

Mohamed Mohid says:

i do this but my mobile is not working now someone told me that its not original its dubai made so wht i do now ?

Ordan Burdan says:

tanks broooo workkkkk

Alicia Rae says:

it still wont work

Time Lapse All The Things says:

Life. Saver.

Blonde Cavewoman says:

Thank you so much!!!! <3

Li Mike says:

i use ReiBoot but not Receboot. it exit quickly,

Kryza Talavera says:

Does this wipe out everything on your phone? I'm more concerned for the pictures, music and notes

Faisal Islamj says:

I have same problem what can I do now

Soldenoche Bon says:

thank you rice is for dinner..it is people like you that apport good and reliable info.. take care and thank you..

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