Iphone can’t connect to itunes? – QUICK AND EASY FIX

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TasiaCamille says:

Yes! Thank you for helping me I've been struggling for a while ????

Tragician says:

You are a goddamn life saver and I love you

vfsecurityDOTcom says:

Worked for me on Win10 64bit. Thanks

Randy Ajsac says:

Perfect! Thanks Man. I was getting frustrated because I couldn't sync my phone .this worked easy

Vanessa Rowe says:

Did not work.

Ye Myint Maung says:

It works dude. Thanks aMillion

Ramsheed N.A says:

Thank You very much

o0Spartan1170o says:

Oh my fucking god thank you you are absolutely the best person ever

MsAdbright says:

Thank you so much!

Taylor says:

Thanks (:

Tiffany Liu says:

OMG! Thank you so much!
I been stuck on this problem for hours! >.<

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