iPhone 7 with no Headphone Jack?!

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iPhone 7 without a 3.5mm headphone jack means… adapters.

Phillips lightning headphones: http://amzn.to/1Pqa7uo

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



Follow Les_mcmillan On Twitter and Instagram says:

It's one hell of a skill to actually not sound black when you're black.

AoiGP says:

Bluetooth headphones are so cheap now. please don't dive into beats, they're crap. I bought a pair of bluetooth earbuds on amazon for 20 bux. it's the 21st century, time to go without headphone jack and use bluetooth technology to it's full potential. Now some companies came out with non-wired bluetooth earbuds. They might be expensive now, wait a bit and pricing will come down. This is my opinion.

ImZinnx says:

there gonna lose more money then they end up saving because this headphone jack thing..

Be joy Moogar says:

in my iphone 6 plus there is no 3d touch in setting …how i get 3d touch pleae help me

mimicG3 says:

Iphone 6s plus or other Android phone will be the ideal for music.Yeah.IPhone 7 = R.I.P Headphone/Earphone users.

daniel conner says:


Just4commentchannel says:

iPhone 7 better let their nuts hang out on this one…i just seen the Galaxy S 7's and might just switch ova

Nathaniel Martin says:

The thing is to utilize owning one pair of headphones for all your devices is, I'm gong to have to get a new macbook with lighting headphones, every random computer i use with need lighting headphones, every other phone i use will need lightning headphones.

Soe Min Paing says:

Apple got rid of Steve Jobs and we got used to it.

Fort Ress says:

nexus 6p is still better than this crap

Triangled says:

"we are barely into 2016"
nigga its been 1 month.. yes we are

Tina Parmida says:

I still have an iphone 4 and dont know if i should upgrade to an iphone 6s or wait for the new iphone or switch to samsung

ItsPedroBear says:

This is one of those rare few times I'm proud of being a windows phone user

william mark says:

No one is crazy to buy iPhone with out headphones

Maggie x says:

That's why I don't buy Apple. :)

nate freese says:

bluetooth headphones anyome?

Justin Mulcahy says:

Also blue tooth head phones.

Cathyann Benjamin says:

because its comes with beats Bluetooth earbuds

James Bonded says:

Just have the apple buds be wireless.

Martin Machin says:

Good riddance, I bet most people who have had wired earphones, have thrown them away simply because the cable broke. It would be good if they put the lighting port on the top of the phone if they were making this change. (I'm still not going to change over to iPhone though)

Green Pretzel says:

Sony Ericsson did this 10 years ago

Jhonny JAA says:



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Mark Jennings says:

Respect for wearing a Leica shirt. :)

katorriebell1 says:

hope u guys cars have Bluetooth!

Ваня Быков says:

camera is very most good

krellman7 says:

Get a grip pal! I personally know three people who work at Apple Corporate and even they don't have information regarding an iPhone 7! So stop spreading bs about something you or anyone else cannot confirm! Your posting a video with a lot of words and no real content! It is a really good way to get people to STOP watching your channel! Smarten up my friend!

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