iPhone 7 – Widescreen

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iPhone 7 – Widescreen Concept


Tessa Kate Why says:

How would the case for it work??

Stewart Harvey-Wilson says:

Applesung , finally they join Company?

Benett Zemek says:

All Your Videos Of iPhone 7 Are Fake. How Can A Screen Do That. I Saw Another Video About The iPhone 7 And It Did Not Say The Screen Could Do That. Put Ya If You Agree.

Michael Tamayo says:

how the fuck can u make the screen stretch and compact like that?

ItsEganTime says:

Stupidest thing ever… Who still comes up with these stupid ass concepts that look like their from 2008… Idk if this is a joke concept, but it sucks, everyone knows that technology isn't that advanced and won't be for like another 50 years…

Dante Requena says:

i feel like i am highly gifted when i read the comments…

Rowan Barfoot says:

the make of this video is a massive wanker

Samali Donaldson says:

the phone looks like a Samsung Galaxy edge

Javier Layana says:

sera verdad

Mitko Donev says:

You are super dumb if you believe in this bullshit :D

Mya Maldini says:

its fake to all the idiots out their

SnapSpik says:

That's epic!! But probes fake I hope not though

Alice Baker says:

This is fake, look at the other trailers

Exowreck21 says:

Well Done For The Creativity

Exowreck21 says:

samsung galaxy s6/7 edge crossed with iphone 6/6s and a crazy imagination

Jose Maria Jaime says:

claro claro

Чёрный Кот says:


JohnnyBoiiTV says:

It would be awesome if they actually would do this.

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