iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

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Ultimate iPhone 7 Water Test. How Deep Can It Go? Can You Swim With It? Secretly Waterproof?

iPhone 7 DEEP Water Test: http://goo.gl/lkDndu
iPhone 7 Drop Test: http://goo.gl/HaqjQ4
iPhone 7 Scratch Test: http://goo.gl/JVy43I


Wandi IceFrog says:

nice poster dude. 1 unlike. everythingappleshit

hasher22 says:

So he reviews products when he can't even get it right with the heading. Water resistant not proof…..

H8750 says:

you had a plug on the bottom i think that affected the test

Simon Mühl says:

what about testing the phone in water while playing some music. Apple Explained that the hardest place to get waterproof was the speaker.

Christopher Hill says:

Neeeeeed that phone????????????????????????????????????????????????

Leo Åsberg says:

iphone sucks so bad Sony is better

Boomchik game says:

првет )0)

Marvin Gonzales says:

it is not a secret in one of ijustine's videos she told people that it was waterproof

Max Rankin says:

Test it in hot and warm water

marwan ismail says:

before you test give it to me iwill take it with out test

Mariclaire 11 says:

why did you say this was SECRETLY waterproof? apple said that it was already waterproof so you dont need to say that…your channel name is EVERYTHING applepro so you should know everything about apple products so you should watch the apple video of the iphone 7

King Puffin says:

Am I the only one worried about the random dog that walked in? Like.. Call me a crazy dog lady, but I would have dropped everything And pampered the fuck outa that dog.

Eric GROVER says:

Can u Tell us Which iPhone can stay more longer in water With iPhone 7 and 7 plus

Genni Glassglow says:

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hunterthewarrior says:

Having done such test for iPhone 7 is literally not meaningful at all. The marketing, is said water resistant, not waterproof on its original purpose! That means you could safely use your iphone 7 on most of rainy weather conditions, and that is all about it about I think. People are always misread or exaggerate those features and concepts of an electronic product on its actual real life purpose of use.

What the waterproof feature for a phone actual means to me in the future? Well that means you could safely use its all functions under the sea, lets say about 200 metres deep until the battery drains out, and that, is called something remarkable, that is called something extraordinary! Iphone 7? waterproof? A fukin joke

TheBf666 says:

Iphone 7 is amazing and more water-resistant that apple would like to let out. Please like or I will shit in your mouth.

Matias Vasconez says:

Tf you mean by secretly waterproof. That shit have ip67

twentyønepiløts says:

Alright but that shit ain't shark resistant please

K TV says:

now i can wash my phone as well????????????

Adrian Loreño says:

Or you could have played a video on the galaxy to keep the screen running. ????

Jaclyn Dunphy says:

It really pisses me off that some of the iPhone 7's sold out so people who wanted to use it as an actual phone didn't get one because people bought like 5 of them just to destroy them. And I don't mean like EverythingApplePro. They're doing it as tests as if someone actually dropped it, went in the water with it etc but some people are fucking cutting them in half, dropping them from 1000 feet, shooting them etc! That's ridiculous!! I don't know any normal person who's gonna accidentally cut their phone in half with a diamond blade or drop it out of a plane. If so you don't need a phone in the first damn place. Just saying. But I love this channel and it really does help me pick my phone with all of the HELPFUL tests he does unlike other people who just get them to destroy them.

Jeremy Nash says:

iPhone 7 is water resistant

The rice industry: FUCK

Kenneth Stokes says:

holy shit. one of your best videos yet. I can't imagine how much fun it would feel like to jump in water with an iphone and not worry.

Edward Gao says:

Other android phones already have that feature for a long time

Sami Hassan says:

do you offer give away to someone who is outside your country? i am staying in bangladesh but a regular viewer of your videos. so was wondering the possibilities of winning one give away :-)

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