iPhone 7: Trailer

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iPhone 7 Trailer – Official Video by Apple

Depth: 6.1 mm
Weight: 114 grams
Screen Size: 4.7 Inches
Resolution: 1920×1080, 401ppi
Sapphire Glas
Apple 10 Chip
Camera: 12MP, optical Image Stabilization
Video: 4K rec, 500 fps
5MP FaceTime Camera
iOS 9


Isaac Carrillo says:

Lol so fake it's kinda funny

ArcanePrune0 says:

Jaw dropped

Bashshar Welch says:

I ment dumb asses

Bashshar Welch says:

this is %100000000000000000 wrong embassies

Ishan826 says:

LOL If you want an iPhone 7 right now just go jailbreak your iPhone 6 like I did LMAO

Robert Cullens says:

Thus is fecking LEGENDARY

J Chang says:

so many iDiots think this kind of concept video is real and it's gonna happen lol

Chris Weeks (Trombone Guy) says:

The fuck is this bullshit

Kaleem Garrett says:

Holy shit tru

DimaGoesFishing says:

I absolutely love how they didn't include the battery life in the Specs, almost as if they are saying "We made a way better phone with insane specs! Oh but the battery…. maybe next year."

xXMrProGamingXx says:

Fake, disliked, unsubbed.

Aventador Roadstar says:

Fake -_-

Smelted Elite says:

IOS 9 came bout and doesn't look like this :D

Kayden Holmes says:

I just chucked my iPhone 6 plus in a fire I am buy that iphone

MePlayGames says:

Official video by Apple. HAHAHA bullshit

grant decapua says:

Might actually buy it if it looks like that

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