iPhone 7 Scratch test – BEND TEST – Durability video!

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Can the iPhone 7 survive the JerryRigEverything Durability tests? Like always we’ll start with the scratch test from Mohs scale of hardness. With this test we can find out if Apples’ new iPhone 7 has a regular glass screen, or a super scratch resistant sapphire screen. After analyzing all of the different aspects of the iphone 7, like the camera lens, the home button, the rear aluminum, and the charging port, you will have a better understanding of what the phone is made of, and how much abuse the iPhone 7 can withstand in every day life.

Do you think it was a good idea to remove the headphone jack?

The camera I used to film this video: http://amzn.to/1IjlaCD
The Lens I used for this video: http://amzn.to/1QOXDw2
And this Metabones adapter: http://amzn.to/1R7Ltic

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Antoinou1989 says:

what an idiot

aslam cader says:

the guy who posted this video should learn what is Sapphire Crystal???

Ashish Singh says:

who's heart was crying when he was destroying this classic phone????????????

aslam cader says:

hahaha how much money you got from Samsung

Robi Ee says:

Should we call you Dr Hanniball Hecter ?

sharon tan says:

did he just buy an iphone 7 to wreck it

Lovely Bun says:

Can anybody just put a gun in my mouth ffs !

Jhoanna Nicole Vitancor says:

sayang :(

M vs L Productions says:

I really want the iPhone seven????

Aaron Lealamisa says:

Here you are wrecking an iPhone 7 and I only got iPhone 5 ????

S ifneW says:

like this

Rockhit Bant says:

the people who disliked are the apple fan boys haha

史迪奇 says:


Lasha Agashenashvili says:

Xperia Z6 best phone

Lasha Agashenashvili says:

Fuck Iphone

姜乐雪 says:

I like Huawei Apple phone spam

Shania Deecee says:

omg I want one

Alif Mustaqim says:

my teeth cringe so hard at 1:56

InvictusFilms says:

My first video check it out ! https://youtu.be/-OLklkZnDCo

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