iPhone 7 (parody)

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Previous Apple parodies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfktt22nUG4&index=1&list=PLiWL8lZPZ2_lTxy_VG4TGKPO3hi13GDZd

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gay angel cas says:

"they last 5 whole hours. or half a tool album"

pianofani says:

You asked for bigger battery and wireless charging…
so here's Sia being weird and shit
I died.

Lawrence Lentini says:

I don't even have the ear pods and I've already lost them

Sebastian Homewood says:

Glad I got the 6, 6 for life

dakota lateralus says:

"They last for 5 whole hours… or half a Tool album!"
THAT TOOL REFERENCE IS VERY TRUE. Great job on nailing that joke, it really made me laugh. Keep up the content Jack!

ink drop says:

Now we know what Konami and Apple have in common.

KingEdwards says:

That fucking Tool joke got me holy shit.

Malo boy 02 says:

Really boring…sorry

ejano Crowsnatcher says:

John as a subscriber I'm so proud of you and this parody. You're succeeding! Now you can put it on your resume and finally get a real job!! ;P <3

Lou 0506 says:

New iPhone 7????

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