iPhone 7 in Coca-Cola vs Sprite vs Fanta vs Pepsi 24 Hours Freeze Test!

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Four iPhone 7’s meet 4 different soda flavors. Which will be victorious and survive in the ultimate 24 hour liquid durability test?



jose Rocha says:

dame um de graça

Life with Rona says:

Im english and here it is pronounced like fan with ta on the end

Joaquim Ferraz says:

nego gasta iPhone 7 eu ali sonhando em ter um😂

Nate Klitzke says:

The faaaaaanta😂😂

Pupazzi Life says:

What's your phone?

Scarlett and bo's World says:

How do you afford so many iPhone 7s I don't even have one

Christina LaFauci says:

Him: dad can I have some money 💰
His dad: sure here's 200 million
Me: 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

KittyKatie 15012 says:

Your so lucky. I have an iPhone 4. I would love to have an iPhone 7 I wouldn't even care what color. If My parents had more money id get one but my parents don't have a lot so I can't have one. If you ever have a spare that you don't need or don't need to use please contact me

beanie boom says:

Btw it's f ANT a

Leo Whitbeck says:

This is just FUCKING Dom!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexa Rose says:

When you're too rich and you have nothing to do with money…

Warrior Cat says:

No! Don't waste the pop!

Teezy Lopez says:

Wow! I thought they would all be broken

Loretta Jones says:

fanta not farnta

elcreeper ghvfhdk says:

y like sí soy el único Español

elcreeper ghvfhdk says:

yo quiero un iPhone

EXO-L Addict says:

This is kitty🐈
Kitty loves friends
1 like=2 friends
1 sub= 10 friends

Kaniji Lee says:

can you give me a iPhone 7 please😭😢

Стюи Стюи says:

адай айфон я 😭

TECH AK says:

11 million yo

Gokce Mert says:


jack elia says:

i want a iphone

carlos Lindo says:

i cant even afford 1 iphone 😭😭

Elissa Klotz says:

Why would you do this?? Oh….. because you're rich! Okay than

Vector COOL says:

You better give me one instead of the ones you want

Lizzie's Sanges says:

I have can't wait for my brother brother came and sister to get back out


Pepsi is gross

Raf Raf says:

try to put iphone7 in shampo

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