iPhone 7

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iPhone 7
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I Love My Phone
This is iPhone 7


M Eliasson says:

iPhone 7

ItsSoFizzi says:

Lol that would be hard to find if you lost it

Blake Foster says:

This is an old video lol. This is the same commercial for the 6 haha

Henrik Sandberg says:

Is this the new iphone 7? Really awesome and innovative nomatter what …

~ME1312 EPIC~ says:

what happens when i lose it D:

Mr. IDGAF says:

Fucking copy, report this guy.

C Bug says:

FAKE!!!!!!! Do u notice that that is the old update durrrrrrrrrr

Jenna Quintana says:

Sovwhen u . Turn of the phone its gone well what a waist of money wheb its
gone lol

Rafael Vidal says:

mds retardado cade a bateria

minecraftYJ says:

The iPhone 7, after much consideration and outcry from Apple fans, will
revert back to iOS 6, completely trashing 7 and 8. 

T'Mia K says:


Fabiana Aguilar says:

This is not the iphone 7

Scottish Gamer says:


Tamariska Paulie says:

This is stupid iphone7 is released and its not like this what a dumb video
why i would watch it XD (Posted on Monday, April 6 2015)

levi voils says:

cool cellphone

Justin Grindley says:

This makes me want to cry, not because it’s “pure innovation” or
“beautiful,” but the video is so fucking BAD and LIE RIDDLED!

Kayla Remy says:

This is the iPhone 15

Yoshi Dinogreen says:
Anthony Martinez says:

I have an iPhone 6 and 5 they are the same

chijioke daniel says:

all this dull comments about this being iphone 7.. you all think apple will
release specs or phone design to users before even announcing it?

RainbowDogeProductions says:

that would be awesome

Hilman syazri says:


ayhan çarıkçı says:

now 2015

Pedro lucas game haker says:

Se eu deixar cair me fudi

Sarah Askins says:

hope is thatposible !!???!??!? its clear!!!!hOW WOULD IT WORK

michal Channel says:

hahaha mega fake !!!!!!!!!!

MrTylerGaming says:

When you lose it that would be a bitch to find

Hey It's Lara says:

theres no iphine 7 and all iphones starting at iphone 4 can get at least
ios 7

bluefang anime says:

nice phone but what if i lost it?

saba bochikashvili says:

is the camera , battary , cabel place? :D

iPsychotic says:

Wait… So if you lose it, you have to find every piece of glass until U
find it?

Mihály Soós says:

háhááá magyar

Rodrigo Santos says:

isso e verdde mesmo ??

Yasmine Fab says:

LOL iphone with no ios on it 

Britney Suriel says:

I wouldn’t like this at all. I lose things way too easily so if I ever lost
this phone I won’t ever find it again. 

Sophia Murphy says:

I hope it isn’t like this I wouldn’t like it

smosh 237 says:

Nope I have it nothing like that

Ryan McNeill says:

Ha not even touch ID

Kody Dinneen says:

its animation if you think its real;

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