iPhone 6S VS iPhone 6 – Should You Upgrade?

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iPhone 6S VS iPhone 6, Is The Price Difference Worth It? Processor, 3D Touch, Cameras, Battery & Full Comparison.


Buzy Izzy says:

Can I have an iPhone 6s please

fullmetalchamploo says:

2:08 thats what she said

John Lennard Espinosa says:

this video makes me no sense

Joyce Tolentino says:

i got an ipad mini can i please upgrade to the rosegold iphone 6s becuse my apple ipad is coming very soon

Adryel Wendel says:

you are beautifaul

mexico mexico says:

it's fucking aluminum not aluminium

skript o says:

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Thisiz Aliah says:

i want ip6 em '(

ol oli says:

what price is

official Aidan says:

whenever I watch your videos my screen gets all weird

Davy Chinkatok says:

yeahhhhhhh, that 27 dollar payment only work for some phone company some companies like prepaid they won't except so I have to pay the full price for iPhone 6s and I upgrade from a 5s

Davy Chinkatok says:

maybe that why my picture looks better on my iphone 6s

G Shotz95 says:

waiting for the next iphone to come out so i can buy the 6s

G Shotz95 says:

any galaxy users?

How To: With says:

Crusty lips

joel decastro says:

i drop my iphone 6 still strong

Alexandra and Julia says:

I am so confused how the apple computer thing on his desk works… IT LOOKS LIKE A DAMN TRASH CAN

Raymond says:

Dont the 6 6s and 6 plus cost the same at walmart because i remember going seeing them at the same price.

_A _u_g_ says:

Did anyone notice that 6S sounds out success if you say it right?

Mubeen Saeed says:

All those stuff that you said about the 6s you can't even see the difference against the 6

zaynab Adan says:

who eles has an anroid

iCrazyJelly says:

5s gang no se

Conrad Pretorius says:

Worst phone ever.I now have my 4th one in 2 years (being swapped or repaired by the provider).The software is rubbish.

Prandvera Morina says:

iphone 6s more better

Prandvera Morina says:

iphone 6 the best

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