iPhone 6s Plus – Bend Test

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Will Apples new iPhone 6s Plus bend? We test apples new 7000 series aluminium rose gold iPhone to see if we can put an end to Bend Gate.

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Jenayah Ruiz says:

Wow you a grown up and at 2:08 you fart

ashley mika says:

I have dropped my iPhone 6 3 times with a case on it that protected the sides and the front and it cracked every time. 4 weeks later the phone stopped working.

Dylian Bryant says:

i could of had that iPhone

しずくりんたいむ says:

携帯をいじめてやがる( ´・ω・` )

Клим Стрелков says:

напиши 2 комментария,задержи дыхание на 10 секунд и под подушкой будет айфон

Henry Wang says:

It looks like youre staring at a teleprompter even if youre not

Craig soula Brockwell says:

poor phone ????????????????????

Abby Layn says:

R u trying to kill your phone

ayoub k says:

i wish i had that 6s

Thaddeus Cornish says:

Am fucking determine to get a iphone6s

fanta china says:

This hurts my soul ????

Russhan Singh says:

he farted @ 2:08

kj walton says:

Siri: Why, why are you doing this to me?

Sherlyn Ipiales says:

Apple is the worst company

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