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On your iphone 6s for how to remove credit card from app store you first need to go into the settings and click on itunes and app store. Next click on account and click view apple id and put in your password. Next you can click on payment information and remove your credit card from in here.


Uchiha Sasuke says:

It doesn't show the none one

Jose Hernandez says:

How do you remove it dumb fuck

Purple Fangz - MINECRAFT says:

If I change the credit card but everyone uses the same account, will it just change the card for me or for everyone??

MR TRAP says:

I don't have fucking none option

Astrid Montoya says:

There is another video bit is in spanish that one really work for me????????

Rodz Guinz says:

none option in mine

Regular Player says:

thanks ! it worked :)

Mawah and Royal says:

Is it the same for 5s ?

PerezKIDS says:

Mine isn't working at all

Lesly Gonzalez says:

This really helped thx Fliptroniks

Tiny_ town27 says:

it doesnt show an none option !!!!???????

Saul bracero says:

Me ether sorry I dislike

Reimundo Villegas says:

Not fucking helpful

Jani Espey says:

Thank you

Gerald Ramos says:

Dislike , the video didn't help me for shit had to look at the comments

Shaks 7 says:

It doesn't have the option of "none"

Heffy says:

Can someone help me

A couple of days ago I bought $20 iTunes I bought $15 worth of poke coins the game then glitched out and kept buying it, now I can't ever download an app

Hamad_ Jj says:

Fuck ya it's useless

Proud Arada says:

Thank you !!

RipTide_BuckHD says:

Fag lier this doesn't fucking work kys

Lust Must says:

I was like nobody want your  info

Samara beauty says:

I don't have the "none" option

Ben Jagpal says:

Thanks I needed to do that just incase if my phone got stolen. ???????????????? Thanks for the HELP!!!

Shahmeer Jafri says:


ItzDyliarno says:

This is all bs

Nikki Kae says:

Damn he didn't show the pass

Mira Xo says:

Please help me I don't have the none option omg I'm here for hours and I don't know what to do

Logan Barry says:

it worked for me.

simplyymich says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!????????????

Hip-hop says:

Oddly it worked ????

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