iPhone 6S Boiling Hot Water Test! Will it Survive?

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Seems like the iPhone 6S has a new weird thing with water.


JiaWei Lum says:

That moment that you have lost your iPhone,and you are watching this video now.

Helen Kho says:

you are rich

HashtagClaire says:

dumb ass

Jabari Bob says:

duck you

CoolTutorialsAwesome says:

Can I plllzzzz have it

awais irshad says:

could you pls send me an iphone 6s?

Mr. Fab says:

I have watched several videos and I have noticed you don't use any proper tools or protection.

Adriana Baker says:

naked lol

RachelSings xo says:

How do you people just have money to litterally buy the newest phone and then try your best to kill it or break it… I don't even have a phone. And what I am asking for christmas is an iPod Touch 5th generation 16GB… my mom wouldnt even let me have an iPhone. wow people… wow…

AkaZerim says:

… lets just flip it. its not a dam pancake

Kieran Sweeney says:

Do what happens when you put a iPhone 6s in tea? Will it survive?

Muhammad Yusaf says:

this is painful to watch

Ivan Mendoza says:

Can you just give me iPhone 6s? Hahaha.

Matthew Seale says:

imagine being that rich

Cats Can Rawr Too. says:

Oh gosh I'm very glad that I can sterilize my iPhone 6S properly now.

deluxe creeper burger says:

do you work for apple?

Dilton Goh says:

Please TechRax, put an Iphone 6 in boiling oil.

xianwei qian says:


50% off iphone 6/6s plus leather wallet

-MrSky05- says:

Your video heats a lot my phone… I'm serious…

Rachel Rankin says:

I don't think he like I phone that much

Thanatos says:

Thanks man, I was just about to boil my iPhone sometime today, y'know, the usual. :)

Dolphin Lover says:

why did you cook your phone

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