iPhone 6

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jie ren says:


Léopold Le Nalinec says:

Dla grosse merde

WhatMeWorry? says:

you wont need jacks.. bluetooth 4.0 is here.. just buy a blooetooth earpiece and go wireless 😉

Joseph Blowington says:

iphone 6 concepts? Really? So you predict a thinner, lighter yet more powerful phone? F'n genius.

ÜBER says:

wwow so smart

ZGong says:

is that even big enough for a headphone jack

kirill Ronaldo says:


Jordy Ramirez says:

Hahaha chip A6 iphone 5 chip A6X ipad 4

JR ♛ says:

Hahahah fake

CYRO says:


CYRO says:

Духа и был секс с матерью

CYRO says:

Взрывчатые вещества работающих в экстремальных матери, о неверных O нечистыми , خنيث

Дмитрий says:

у iPhone 5 стоит процессор А6

RoomeyY Win says:

No you can´t use it as a bomb.

oobertuberdude says:

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Rexon Rar says:

на 2 см ебанулся

Defalt says:

0:08 iPhone 6 with iPhone 3GS engine.. Logical.

Никита Васильев says:

Иди нахуй!

Никита Васильев says:

На самом деле iphone 6 будет на пару сантиметров больше пятого:D

Kev says:

Thats a sweet video!

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ImagineCraft7 says:

This kid must be pretty lucky to have all those views even though it was fake and copyrighted…

Say Andrew says:

Ya it's gonna be that skinny when the iPhone five is still thick

xboxprooj says:

The glass one awsome

Рауф Гусейнов says:

Кто смотрел видео в 2013 ставьте лайк..

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