iPhone 5s Exclusive Apple 2013

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iPhone 5s Exclusive Apple 2013


the golden minecraft says:

see were not 3087 OK this is not even possible

Chris Melville says:

That's so cringe

akash hossain says:


TheRobloxianGamer says:

Solves the iPhone 5 size issue, I don't see anything wrong with that!

telmoide yo says:

AHAHAHA it actually looks like a iPad

oliver larratt says:

Lol watching this on 6s haha

Ryan Pearson (GOPHERS223) says:

That would be cool as fuck!

DJ Spoiler Kaarikstad says:

I have an iPone 5s and it does not look like that????

RettTV says:

haha, i am watching this in 2016

OpTic NaDeShOt says:

I've got a 5s and it doesn't look anything like an iPad nor does it have a big screen I think it's perfect with wat I've got now

Kitty Kat says:

That looks like my fucking ipad mini.????????????????????

gabriel barrera says:

Cool but I don't think it's true

Bishal grg says:

your prediction is soo funny..i love your channel :-)

Jenny Nguyen (juzztkidding) says:

oh my god. Just oh my god.

fufu Msp says:

We our iphone 5 has never been like that !! Always lie! So I will not buy fake and many of the big !! I hope to see you as well established in the his! There CAMERAS A 2 A FRONT AND IN THE BACK! SERT SA NOTHING! it is not a good Comcept for people like us !!

Adam Sharif says:

Maaaaaaaan I came back at 2016 and I died laughing

Jamie Steven says:

Laser keyboard really. Don't claim your from apple

Максим Райлян says:

Fail ! We have iphon six iis can not it!

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