iphone 5

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These are the top 10 features i want to see in the next generation iphone that I think they missed out in the iphone 4
here they are again in order:
1. sligtly larger screen
2. facetime on 3G
3. a better way to unlock
4. mobile hotspot
5. other carriers
6. 4G
7. flash
8. more customization
9. wireless printing
10. improved battery life
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Aidan Wright says:

supper fake  iphone 6 dosnt even do that and thats not how the iphone 5 look like [ep 1]

Ananci Veled (Brofist) says:

fake iphone 5 is released

OrionDigit says:

9gag. c o m/gag/ajrEQ4x/ new iPhone :D

zaheer iftikhar Ahmad says:

iphone is just famous for nothing, as a phone Nokia is best, as internet phone Samsung is the best. there is nothing spacial in Iphone except its publicity and high cost, if you open a page of internet then you can go for shower when you will comeback it will opened.
when you search WiFi in the area only one or two WiFi it will find, but at same place Samsung and other phone can find 10 WiFi signals
my friends always complain that they get no answer when they call, even I never listen any bell

Anat Skliar says:

go android

Bro Brandon says:

u idiot they have like 5 of those 10 things u asked for why dont u put down ur android and look at an iphone

panyaphai1 says:

อยากได้ เมื่อไรจะวางตลาดอย่างเป็นทางการ 

Richard Garcia says:

you will never get flash for one reason, it was MADE BY GOOGLE. GOOGLE MAKES ANDROID, they wont ever just give it to apple to use. every single one of those features is already on android.

Richard Garcia says:

The way you are describing how you want it to be, those features are already on android…soo GET AN ANDROID.!

smiley5311 says:

you want battery life TURN THE BRIGHTNESS DOWN my iphone lasts 2 days with low brightness

Marcus3049 says:

Typo, I meant XP

Marcus3049 says:


Marcus3049 says:

Oh just shut up. XO

Sibilija says:

All is maybe possible. But apple will never turn to flash

Mohan Raj says:

Only ifuck .. s3 best

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