iPhone 5 : How to Sync Music/Photos/Ringtone from PC / laptop to iPhone with Apple itunes Software

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iPhone 5 : How to Sync Music/Photos/Ringtone from PC to iphone with itunes. first question for iphone user is how to get Music and photos from their PC device to their iPhone.Using itunes very easily you can get the photos/Music to your iphone.


Gargimoy Kalita says:

thank you very much…☺

dooms cr says:

Dude your pronunciation is so bad

Zainul Abdin Madani says:

Anyone help me I lost my music data & books in Iphone mistaken can it be return ?

kundaram ajay says:

u dint tell how to transfer ringtones bro

gvsr says:

hi how to play music on iphone ..ijust wt u did

Justin Rock says:

your English is not good but thanks dude you really helpful for me!

Alice Marques says:

I prefer to use TunesGo to back up/Transfer photos, or other files from iPhone to PC, from iPad to iPhone,between iOS deviceswithour itunes limitations, or between iPhone and iTunes, it's effortless.

just for fun says:

dude are you from Gujarat.?..

muskan bansal says:

how to downlaod itunes on laptop windows 10

Asif siddiqui says:

thank you so much bro for uploading this video .. very helpful

Hef Tarc says:

iphones are stupid. in iTunes, clicking ''synchronize'' does not back up the new photos and video files. clicking ''back up'' will replace the entire already backed up folder with the current content of the iphone. So what the fuck good is a fucking iPhone then? When people back up their phone to pc, the next first thing they do is deleting the huge video files and photo files to make space on their phone so that they can make more videos and photos, then the FIRST NEXT TIME THEY BACK UP AGAIN, THE PREVIOUS BACK UP IS REPLACED BY THE CURRENT PHONE CONTENT INSTEAD OF COPYING ONLY THE NEW VIDEOS AND PHOTOS FILES WITHOUT DELETING THE EXISTING ONES.

Mr MOTOv says:

hey i've just added a tone in itunes and i've synced it but it's not appearing in my phone …!!! any tips…!! (iphone 5s ios 9).

Sahil Arora says:

After syncing can we delete photos from the iPhone?

Satish Singh says:

Nice Work !!

Ashish Kumar says:

thank you very much !!!! Very informative Video …………. 🙂

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