Iphone 4s/4/5/5s Wont Connect To Itunes Help – Fliptroniks.com

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Mario Nardi & Usde says:

Useless video mate… Really useless

Kiss my ass D says:

Great vid sir 

_____GHOST_____ says:

If you people do not understand this is a hard restart mode :)

lowkey tun says:




YemenForEver100 says:

it doesn't work

fayrouz essmat says:

i need help please i/ve been searching for weeks idont know whats the prob first i dont have portable devices second when i plug my iphone theres no sound that could tell me that is plugged in and i,ve tried another laptops another wires and i pluged it into my friends laptop it said that code error  28 or idk and when i do update it said warning msg sso i didnt do it and i dont even have that theres any device or unknown dev that pluged into my pc please i need help is that from my iphone 4 or what?and yeah i tried my sisters iphone it worked perfectly on the same pc i reallyyy need help so much :((  i tried to uninstall and install it didnt workk :(( anyone help me


thats every ones solution,RESTORE  arghhhhhhhhhhh

Justin Reyes says:

Thank you sooo much!!!

Frederick Lu says:

no help atalll

bob rashid says:

my home button doesn't work

Sonu Poudel says:

not working for me even i use same rules as u do.. u have any solution? will pls tell me?i'm newbie in iphone so i don't even know how to use iphone.. pls help me!! Thanks!! 

jeff alif says:

my iphone 4s show up itunes logo need to connect but i when i connect to itunes its not detect or nothing happens. pliz help

Kei Kei says:

My iPhone 4S wont charge through a USB cable and wont charge when I plug it into my laptop and iTunes cant detect it and my laptop doesnt even know its been plugged in how can i fix his PS, my iPhone's battery is almost dead (wont hold a charge very long)

aAlcoholicDuck says:


Chris Thieman says:

I'm pretty sure restoring the iPhone will fix almost every problem, dumb-ass. That's obviously not what were looking to do. How would checking the USB cable fix us logging in? Jesus Christ.

Oh can't connect to app store better watch a video showing me how to restore phone.

Oh can't update games, better watch a separate video that again will tell me to restore phone.

OH! Facebook keeps crashing better watch a new video describing my problem but has the same solution as the rest. 

TheSims Sims says:

yess same same thing
it says that to me as wellllll i neededd hellllp

Elizabeth Garcia says:

None of the videos I've watched help I'm in need of help. Everytime I try to go on the App Store and get a game or app it sayes cannot connect to iTunes . Any help ?

Brooke says:

Does it complety restore it

kevin nunley says:

only thing in my itunes is "other" and it wont let me sync helllppp


Whenever I Put On Charger Is Says Connect To Itunes And Doesnt Charge AndWhen I Commect To I Tunes It Doesnt Work . Helpp

TheFWAdmin says:

I had this exact same problem but i bought a new wire and everything works perfectly

dall2341 says:

When I plug in my iPhone it just beeps over an over

cmj2b says:

This guy doesnt answer alot of questions. I dont want to restore my iphone only to have this method not work

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