iPhone 4s error 29 when restoring in iTunes

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This is showing us repairing an error 29 issue in iPhone 4S.

This movie is for showing an example of what The
Computer Room Nottingham can do for any
issues you may have with computers, iphones and ipods.
It was made by Leon Stacey and is no
way a guide of how repairs can be performed by anyone
else and to that end, The Computer Room Nottingham
and Leon Stacey cannot be held responsible for
anything that happens from you undertaking repairs
yourself of any nature. Terms and Conditions of using our
services are at www.thecomputerroomnottingham.co.uk/


thomas allertz says:

This is a bloody useless video sorry

Prithvi Gurung says:

how are we supposed to open up our phone

JackChan says:


Benito Guerrero Carpio says:


Sivasakthi C says:

Its so simple to fix it, Just use your original iphone battery while upgrade or fix the capacitor issue with which apple is calculate their genuine battery…! But no worries battery providers will soon fix it and release genuine batteries. :)

Mario Hernández says:

im going to try! when i try im going to comment my experiencie

Alan din says:

you do remove iCloud from iPhone 6 or or or 5 thank you .

Rames says:

My components were working and just fine, but i had 3rd part battery installed. When i put original (realy poor state) battery i got ios 9.2 updatet like a charm.

Tolentin Gjergji says:

hello leon! I got the same problem, it shows me the same thing.  Can i simply change the battery ? (sorry about my english)

718Kipkila says:

how come you won't show us how to fix it? like show us how do to it?

alessandrocolos says:

It worked! iPhone 4s 8GB with 2 resistors missing ❤️ thank You very much!
Alessandro from Italy :-)

Rodrigo Digao says:

When I went to make Recovery has error 29. What Can be this?

Musinguzi Daniel says:

hello out there i have an iPhone 4s  i recently accidentally spored per-fume in it, i quickly had it hot air blown but after that i tried restoring but i get error 3, what seems to be the problem? 

Joy Dempsey says:

my iphone 4s has error 29 Can you give me a rough price if were to send it over to you via post Really appreciate it as i would need it asap as i leave 7/2/15 thanks

Tariq Karafli says:


Matthew Ellis says:

Thank You SOOOO Much!! I replaced the battery finally after about 6 months of trying to figure it out and it restores! Definitely try this before any other solution.

Manzoor alishah says:

Whao thanx alot Sir, changing the battery helped Me….

MrNassiry says:

thank you Leon I had the same problem after seeing you video I replace new battery it work  

ibrahim kurdie says:

hi leon so this is the story please read my sister spilled water on her phone fist the home button stopped working and it worked again later then it started rebooting itself and such saying the battery was low all the time so we tried replace the battery and it didnt work still rebooting then the we went to the iphone store beacuse we wanted to see how much it would cost to repair it there they said no beacuse we have opened the  iphone and said try updating it when the ios 7 update is out so i did and now its stuck in error 29 please help it would be higly appreciated

Kevin Britain says:

You sir are a boss..

JRasserL says:

So the only solution to error 29 is to either get ti fixed by profs, or rip the back of the Iphone upon and do it yourself?

Maia Savory says:

Hi I have an iPhone 4s which does exactly the same thing, my brother took it to the Genius Bar today and they said it's their fault but they cannot fix it so they said it will cost £150 for a new one. I live fairly near you and am considering to pay to fix it. How much actually is it to fix? I will ring tomorrow morning thanks 🙂 

Sky Peterson says:

Thank you for the info…. battery worked perfectly until i tried to restore fresh copy of 7.1 and battery started to fail afterwards…. i simply changed battery and now the restore completed all the way…. thanks for pointing out it must have been battery/hardware

thurm101 says:

Hi recently purchased a broken screen iPhone 4S mainly for the logic board. The previous owner stated that it was dropped and would only show the apple logo a and it wouldn't stay on. So I swapped out the logic boards with a good frame and screen. So when I first turned it on, it worked good. So I went to restore the software and now I am stuck with "error 29" . I changed the battery and still nothing.

I also inspected the battery connector and it's in place.


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