iPhone 4: How To Transfer Pictures, Videos, Music, Contacts & Files To Any Other Mobile Devices

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Visheshagya says:

how to transfer whatsapp messages from iphone4 to samsung j7

Parviz Latipzoda says:

TunesGo Transfer/Move your files (Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U and more) without limits between iOS and AndroidiPhone/iPod/iPad ← → TunesGo ← →Androidyou can import IOS file to TunesGo and export file to Android from TunesGo.

PinkHoneydrop says:

How do you transfer videos

serene Lum-Shing says:

How do you bluetooth from iphone to samsung?

the irshad says:

don't no

01 VariousTech says:

how to transfer pics iphone to android phone without using 3g data or wifi

Vu9 Nguyen says:

take too long,IT'S SUCKS

Asim Ghaffar says:

How to transfer with phone to ipad

chris magdaleno says:

Bump is on there.. i just downloaded it.

Nrfa says:

They don't have bump anymore. U may want to take this video down.

Black Ball Pot says:

bump is no longer available ?

Catherine Rynn says:

I cant find that application on my phone..

Fahad Bin Abdullah says:

and this is why I hate android

themootz1001 says:

thank you!!! after racking my brain for 48 hours, this was by far the easiest solution to transfer contacts from iphone to android. Problem is the app will no longer exist after jan 31 2014?! 

SEAL Strong says:

thank you so much. i just got a tablet and i had an iphone with all my music.

Skylake Leafy says:

thank you so much

Javeed Gaffar says:

does the songs get saved in music itself i meant the music app

Mertali Akkuş says:

Fake iphone 4

IBRAHIM OLUFEMI Ojugbele says:

please how can I send application from my Iphone to my friends iphone in another destination

Gavin Gomez says:

I meant the videos on YouTube from your phone

laura elias says:

Does this work for iPhone 4 to galaxy s2?

I'am 278 says:

Wow… I just got a free iTunes Card Code and it was legit! I got it at freeitunesforever. com

Aman Virdi says:

wow! what happened to his iphone !!!!!!

92saputra says:

good video bro
thanks for your help

Dulio Alvarez says:

I think he has a fake Iphone!

Alan Kowalski says:

Most unprofessional video.

blessed726 says:

Unfortunately, you must have an older version bcuz the one I just downloaded doesn't have a section for music.

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