iPad Pro Water Test – Waterproof or Water Resistant?

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iPad Pro Water Test in 1 Foot Deep Water! Just How Water Resistant or Waterproof Is It? Warning, NOT for the weak of heart!

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MinecRafa64 says:

tu eres tonto ho que te pasa retasado mental con lo que cuestan si yo tubiera dos una te la estampaba y la tr ma la quedaba gilipollas

Patrick Inzon says:

If you give me one of that I can use that in many things..:(

Yato Kami says:

thanks for the advice, I'll never put my IPad Pro on a bath like that xD

Арина Лукьянова says:


joel rao says:

He should've really water tested the Ipad then Drop tested it. Why waste an Ipad? Who sponsors his guy?

Đạt Tấn says:

you can give yourself an ipad is not

Luis Tellez says:

es tas pendejo o q

SeanThe Lllama says:

The real question is why would you watch something in the bath with an iPad?

Michael Tollestrup says:

EverythingApplePro, Maybe the bleeding is coming from the four speakers. The bleeding seems to be coming from where the speakers are. I don't know for sure, but maybe that might be a factor. Also, the speakers do have new resonance chambers, maybe water is leaking in there. Just a thought! Cool Video!

jessica marsh says:

i dropped my phone in the bath n all that happened is the ribbon inside burnt

JudgeDeaDs says:

Tant d'argent de gaspillé, c'est dommage.

Елизавета Скворцова says:

Один лайк и Америка сосала

Tank Dempsey says:

Can I have a iPad pro jk that won't happen ????

Moworld says:


Martin Gamer says:

Can you do every iPad drop test

April G says:

Okay this kid has no basic idea of physics at all. Of course the signal is going to go if it's under water. It's UNDER WATER. Jesus.

Mason Schultz says:

did any one else see the background change

Branden B says:

Does it work in molten lava? Please jump in with it and see!

Maria Chavsz says:


Maria Chavsz says:


Kakapo says:

Well it survived 3+ minutes and that's enough time to retrieve from a drop in water so that's cool

Aidan Brown says:

Aidan Brown

Jose Luis Silencio Santiago says:

i hate you so much :´(

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