iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 2017!

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Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ vs Surface Pro 2017 – time to replace your laptop?
Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/surface2017
Apple iPad Pro 12.9″: https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-pro
Is the Surface Laptop Worth It? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKUgxVNSDCw

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John Michael Stock says:

Which ones can you run Office, Photoshop, Fruity Loops, Blender and Diablo 3 on. I suspect one runs all of them, the other runs none of them. That my friends, is what's important here.

SugarGamingYT 234 says:

Technically Apple just copied Microsoft with the type thing.

Mawi Zuala says:

What a smoke!

Abrar Chowdhury says:

It really gets on my nerves

Abrar Chowdhury says:

BTW why does dis dude end every sentence with and upwards vowel

Abrar Chowdhury says:

Biased review, He's been sponsored by Apple he even has a Apple Watch on while doing the review. Watch the video less and notice how little he talks about the Surface Pro compared to the IPad while talking about software.

amber more says:

You mean joke vs surface pro!

OOF OOF says:

I got the I pad air and I’m upgrading to iPad Pro 9.7

Aleksa Stefanovic says:

Techically Apple calls it their main chip back in the day. Most powerful and yet, you said intel is scared. Of what? They are using 2w chip.

chaniqua smith says:

I like things that are dark and have 9 inches.

Rohan Tumkur says:

Love the video but I think this is a kind of unfair comparison. I love both of the devices but they’re just meant for different things. I would happen to opt for the iPad though.

Ken Kaniff says:

This review is a little biased favoring the ipad. I need a more neutral review

gzagzagenius says:

bet you will never have a girlfriend ,,,

The Lucas Higgins says:

I would use both without the keyboard. If I want a laptop I'd buy a laptop.

184639 19926 says:

My god if apple made a better os for their ipads it would so good wasted potential

Apple fanboy says:

Ipad allways was and be better then the surface

Dennis Brill says:

The iPad does that cover the back and front tablet case keyboard case

Eugene Yen says:

Surface pro is a computer, not really a pad, also they dont have a lots app, for school use, i prefer surface, one the other hand, ipad, it is a adult toy, you can install all kind of app which you hardly use. I bought both. My conclusion is each has their on advantage and disadvantage, but I feel good, since Tim Cook is not quite honest, until now he still want to have micro sd slot, a dirty guy make dirty money. can you believe his battery expalination

briley 12 says:

I have the 10.5 inch iPad Pro 2017

Steve Yeater says:

If you are like me and will use the tablet/computer for work, then hands down the surface. If you are like my wife using it for face book, videos and news than probably the Ipad

David Fernandez says:

I’ll just buy a real laptop instead of the surface pro 😂

Ricky Brunet says:

How about getting both? I bought the iPad Pro 10.5 AND the Surface Pro. Before, I used to have the 2015 iPad Pro 12.9 and the Surface Pro 4. Love both of them.

V!RUS says:

I think the surface pro is better because you have windows 10 with no limitations when downloading software

icanintofamous says:

If they make the new iPad Pro in 2018 have Mac OS High Sierra, or include the keyboard and Pencil, i'll buy it.

Oliver allmusic says:

IPad Pro hands down. I’m typing this with my new iPad Pro right now!!!!

Converse Video Group says:

Get iPad pro

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