iPad Pro Second Impressions! [Apple Pencil]

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Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. What’s in the name?

iPad Pro Impressions: https://youtu.be/HALtebWHpNA

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20



Clembo says:

Do Surface Pro 4, MATE!!!!!!!!!!

Umit Budak says:

Can you review galaxy tab s2?

Juan Vargas says:

Yo Marques! Can you review the Nextbit Robin? I only trust your reviews.

CarlWigan says:

What I will say is the same as I say for many. Looking at price of mobiles now, Samsung & Apple charging is ridiculous when compared to other things. I can buy a brand new Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD 48" TV for less than iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 6s.
How's that the case if not a rip off?

bizarrEaster says:

why this guy never review Microsoft product?

Danhiel Baluran says:

What game did he play in the video?

Niels Janssens says:

What's like as a productivity device, is the Adobe software for iOS any good or pixelmator or office. Can I do some real work with those apps?

Mackenzie Gallagher says:

I don't get why everyone dislikes this iPad I understand its not for everyone but its pretty cool.

Carlos Peralta says:

At first I didn't like the iPad Pro; but the more I hear about it the more I want one. One of my favorite tablets ever was the Samsung Note Pro, a 12" tablet. I've tried the Surface 2, 3 and Pro 3; but hated how bulky and overweight they were as tablets – not to mention buggy and unable to last through the whole day. The way I see it, a tablet is a consumption device I can use to read on before going to bed, reply to emails while on the go, take notes at important events, watch videos or play games on a plane, etc… If I need to type a really long research paper or proposal, or get development work done, I'll just use my normal computer which has a nice keyboard, larger screen size, and ability to run lots of advanced programs. One other thing that made the Note Pro awesome was how I could remote into my normal computer from anywhere and the 12" screen made it easy to get more advanced tasks completed if I really needed to; and the iPad pro could probably do that with an app as well. I haven't been able to try the Surface Book or Surface 4, so maybe I should do that before going for the iPad Pro.

Alex Hill says:

please do a surface video!

Ted Pollard (Tp Tech) says:

? Other than size, what can the Ipad pro do that the Ipad air 2 can do? answer take more money out of your pocket.

Lara Patel says:

Does it have Adobe flash

Samuel Chattergoon says:

Marquis doesn't really seem even remotely interested about this iPad, and this shows from the way he starts talking about it to the intro music that he chose.

Asaad Shaikh says:

That's what she said????

lijit77 says:

I'll just wait for the iPad pro 3, maybe then it could actually replace a laptop.

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