iPad Pro review

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Rocket ship image credit: Photo credit: Marko Stupić | Icon-A-Day | http://icon-a-day.com/

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a massive tablet that works with a new stylus called the Pencil and also a new Smart Cover keyboard. Can this tablet replace your laptop?

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Fitnessforfealt Gaming (Chayon) says:

Good Job

john ayacko says:

can i charge the pencil via the iphone?

malwaretester2000 says:

My S4 has split screen multitasking.


This reviewer is in that secret society of reviewers not allowed to mention the lacking trackpad or mouse support. It's like they're PAID not to say it.

EdwardBioshock says:

32gb . that's all i gotta say

Tomáš Paur says:

13 inches and 5×4 icon grid well done

メネゼスサニュドマルコス says:

That kitty cat tho

rknrollruby says:

This is great good job!????????

Mostafa Amir says:

how much does it cost?

Andrew Macone says:

Is the base model the same thing

Aleks Vsk says:

Bad review, bad product and you should feel bad about the fact that you are not in the kitchen.

Kiss my butt Its full of shit says:

Don't buy one they are shit ????. Believe me

Carpoolparty says:

To be fair, this ain't no Newton.

JR A says:

A good app for iPad is YouPiP. You can use it to watchh youtube videos while you use other apps

MNOVAM says:

wait tgn sign who stole what?

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