iPad Pro – How Big?

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iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus?
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Got my hands on what look like some of the first cases for the upcoming 12-13 inch iPad Pro / iPad Air Plus.

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Gaming Goblin says:

Why does it always have 9:41 as the time?

Molesto says:

The only use I can see for this would be to draw on procreate, other than that… Buy a surface pro.

ZX PvNd says:

iPad Pro – How Big?

thats what she said

TeamDuoYT - Gaming says:

iPod iPad iPad mini iPad Air iPad Pro iPad Minus iPad Multiplication iPad plus iPad divide iPad padpad iPad float iPadpadpadpadpadpadpadpadpadpad ultimate

VortexX Bolt (Jacob) says:

might as well be carrying around a 50 inch tv XD

Nabila Anjum says:

Why do people care so much about the size ??!! it's just 13 inch

Lionel Messi says:

this is awesome

Austyn Marks (BoriumsWorld) says:

I love my iPad, I use it everyday. I wouldn't mind a large one like this. But it's $1000 lol

Dragonboy183 says:

You idiots it all ready excited nvm nvm : |

Seier Skovrup Hansen says:

My mom got a ipad pro… The Age

Harry Mcquillan Graham says:

Anyone else watching this on an iPad Air 2 ????????????

Marco Rubio says:

I want a space gray 6s pick me

Sword In The Stone says:

wow they got pretty close.. it's 12.9 at the moment but it's WAY too big.

Italo Tutoriais says:

I want one

Loneat (LoNeat) says:

will it fit? :D

VaultBoyTryx says:

Just buy a Surface Book or a Pro 4… More power, OS availability and a reasonable price for what it does.

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