iPad Pro Durability Drop Test!

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The new iPad Pro is out! It’s time to see how well it stands in both a side and front facing 4 foot drop test!



Bryant Carter says:


Ahmad Gardi says:

he can buy hundreds of apple products to destroy but his slow motion camera used to show the drops is fucking trash

Blue Game says:

My ipod went 10 feet across the room from 4-5 feet. No cracks. Not even a scratch

Jordy Deuce says:

101 rallab

Space Unicorn 916 says:

Drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot

Christopher Ingram says:

Waste of money, do you know how hard people work to make that everyday? There are literally slaves in
Japan working hard to make that and the excruciating pain they go through? YOU HAVE NO IDEA BRO

Dinosaurs :3 :3 says:

zayummm how much money you got?!?!

Macaroons and Moo Beans says:


ihas-sneakyninga says:

Where does he get the money to buy all this stuff???

spencer Goulding says:

His phones and tablets are real

Jadin Zeno says:

Am I the only one who cried during this whole video

Olaf Kirsberg says:

You get the iphones from apple because you show us how good iPhones are

rifaat saoueris says:

this what happened today when i talked to my friend

me: what is the worst iPad ever
friend: the first iPad
me: no the iPad pro
friend : ooh i forgot about the peace of crap
me: yeah the company that declare that the PC is dead from a $1000 peace of shit iPad and the company that sells a $100 stylus i swear Tim cook is on meth

Eduarda Serpa says:

Vei se vc n vai usa n estraga caray e eu aqi qrendo um iphone e ele distruino os iphone e os ipad vai se fude cara da pra mim td isso q tu ta distruindo vai se fude caray

JMG787 says:

Why would anyone need something so big? I thought my Note 10.1 was to big…

RockKid says:

What happens if you give me an iPhone 6s? ;-)

malkoc malkoc says:

senin amini torunu simetrik orospu çocuğu telefonların değerini bil simetrik p!c 40 orosssssppppiiiii bir araya gelse böyle simetrik orospu çocuğu do,vuramaz aklini hayalini dikim AMK kevasesi

Sunday Okparaocha says:

"Four feet is a little more reasonable"
Since when did you care about reason

christopher brennan says:

Jesus this dude must be loaded with money

Bryce Ladd says:

The glass is dual ion strengthened glass

walter blackwell says:

I like watching your videos and I know u probably get this question a lot but could you consider giving some away I know I'm being greedy but I have a iPhone 4 and I would love it if I got a new phone and if you do I will like all of your videos and put good comments on your videos. But if not it's ok it's a lot to ask for but I hope you consider it. Thank you

kelly hart says:


AnUnknownWeegee says:

How does the Apple Store not question why you come so much?

Gabor Gabitza says:

painfull to watch :D

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