iPad Pro Drop Test & Bend Test!

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The Apple iPad Pro, Just How Durable Is It? iPad Pro Drop Test & Bend Test in a Durability Shootout. Warning, GRAPHIC Destruction.

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Elena Singleton says:

Why do people do this

GrowShow says:

AppleCare+ justified

1234Colt says:

Over a Million views for a video showing a guy breaking a device thats so expensive, you could probably feed a family in a third world country for 6 months if not longer.

I Don't Actually Know says:

This made me hug my iPad… Mini.

B-STARK Brian byrd says:

Instagram B.stark.100 

ashley osborne says:

waste of resources

Keanu Dumont says:

stupid son of a bitch



Ninis Ismed says:

Mubazir You Know

Junseok Min says:

저럴거면 나 나주지 ㄷㄷ 진짜 저런걸 왜하는지 이해않됨 돈날리고 관종같고

Кирилл says:

idiot …

Константин Матыцин says:

лучше бы мне его отдал…

nub : says:

ты чё, ебанутый что ли?

Giovanni Montagna says:

u are a monster!

Иван Федерякин says:

ебать ты дибил бедный падик

Natchanon Eabsakul says:

still a have a betbetteraphics than window 95

Nani E says:

Why when you drop it goes down instead of up?

expressrobkill says:

I rely don't see the point of these tests yea some divides are better sited than others but still. You bending slash dropping a thin piece of metal with a very thin piece of glass and some circuits and a rely thin piece of plastic phones and iPads are just to thin these days unless you made them out of something like graphene or covered the back In a strong plastic this will happen mettle usually bends when thin that's also what usually breaks the glass.

MasterKush says:

I literal just came out of jail and I see this new iPad bro I remember back thing people were saying the new iPhones would be the size of a door I never expected somthing like this it's really dumb :/ I can imagine some one using that in the street just begging to get robbed

Skatercandy157 says:

go all the way down on ur reps or you will short in ur tendons ….u weren't doing it right just wanted to let u know

Luke Perez says:

Tech rax wannabe!!!!

Luke Perez says:

Tech rad wannabe

Cameron _ _ says:

Why does he look like a cross between a teletubby and a frog?

Azzka Rashid says:

how do you have the money to buy all of the some expensive

Weerapong nambookkaew says:

เขาทำมาให้เล่นโดยการสัมผัส ไม่ได้ทำมาให้โยนเล่น หรือหักเล่น

Allstar1743 says:

500 more views than subs.

Kafkanerd says:

The guy is hot….. IPad… Meh

Aarav Sharma says:

Hahaha I Like it????

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