iPad Pro 9.7 review

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Apple’s new iPad Pro 9.7-inch tablet has almost all of the power of the big iPad Pro, but in a smaller package.

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joanofarc33 says:

Great review. You just saved me money. I like the features but I really don't need any of them. Regular ipad for me.

kk design says:

honestly I think that ipad leads the tablet industry and its for media consumption not to replace a pc or laptop

Bill Yeah says:

The iPad Pro is for people who need to write on it with the pencil.

Youssef Fetouh says:

All what this iPad needs is mouse, trackpad support and some features that are in OS X

Arman Gaming says:

Watching on the iPad Pro 9.7

Reuben Rodrigues says:

Does this iPad support 4K video playback..?

Lil Zack IV says:

They actually just lowered the 128 gig price recently. It is now $699, at least on the Apple Store Website

Paul says:

One year later this still is one of the most esthetic reviews the Verge has ever made – the orange and blue, omg, so good

Abdul Fattah says:

I am watching this on a iPad 9.7??

Allegra Colletta says:

Are u kidding me!? The prices from America are so cheap compered to the prices in Australia! For the iPhone 6s its $500 and something then in Australia ITS OVER $900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO DO NOT SAY THERE EXPENSIVE IF U LIVE IN AMERICA!

Isaiah Matos says:

true tone is just a gimmick that makes you colornlind

Kevin McGuinness says:

Really good, well balanced review.

Zeus Flores says:

One of the best reviewers on my list!

180YMG says:

By far this is the best review, entertaining and straight forward (in my opinion)
I own almost every apple product but I think I can pass on this one and just go with a surface pro 4


Lance Derek Andallaza says:

This video imo is the best Verge ever made. It is so spot on. 🙂

TheLegend27 says:

Mac OS and USB-C, then we'll talk.

Miraj Ali says:

I think this is better than a lot of cheap laptops

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