iPad Mini Drop Test & Durability Video

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In this video I drop test the new 16GB Wi-fi White IPad Mini! How will it survive? Watch the video to find out! Enjoy!


MrXrayZ says:

I can't see the cracks because of the cracks on my iPad Mini covering them….

Harry Larsson says:

see my vid its not The Best but its a smashing vid

Sol coolman says:

Now I know what happens if I drop my I pad mini

SlowBarbarianGaming says:

I'm watching on both of my iPads , iPad. Mini 2 , and my iPad Air 2 I got today

emily neiyer says:

my fingers are hurting just looking at it that must hurt

Viky Ramos says:

U r an idiot y would u do that to a perfect iPad

jenny Loves su says:

Now i got a case 😀 btw i have a ipad mini only thing i got for my bday :3

Livz B says:

I've had my iPad mini for almost two years and I only have dented corners…

Kimberly Blanc says:

You really have money to spend since you do a LOT of videos on testing.

Melissa DeAnda says:

I'm waching on my I pad miny

sweet cupcakes says:

I'm watching on my iPad air 2

You Are A Pirate (Foxy) says:

i had an ipad mini…

it was in a good case, and i dropped it on it's back.

the thing was wrecked.

Havish Ramesh says:

Why is your voice sounding funny

GalaxysMilkyWay says:

Just put tape over the screen u can still click stuff and slide ur finger upon the screen but it will allow u to not get glass on ur figure i recommend wiping it off with a towel first so its even..

sere alvarez says:

Stop doing it u wasting money

NewYorkerLake says:

Make more vids with iPad minis or iPads cause I feel all u destroy are iPhones 

Jyrvie Tamarra says:

Are you crazy???

Lina Lyonic says:

I'm watching him destroy an iPad mini while watching on my perfectly scratch, dent and damage free iPad mini XD

Krazy “Contract gamer 2360” Gamer2360 says:

One day me and my girlfriend where walking to my friends,and I dropped my iPod on a acorn…the ENTIRE TOP SMASHED.

Carrie Kasey says:

Lol watching this on my iPad mini!!

Officially Awkward says:

i fell up a escalator and smashed my iPad mini….dont ask ;-;

katlyn bobitz says:


Shafiyamajeed Majeed says:

From wher u r getting iPad to test them????????????????????

Janae Walker says:

Omg why would u drop your iPad when that thing costs 300$$

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