iPad iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Slate

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Windows 8 vs Apple iPad hands on


James Greer says:

Ipad is better and windows is over prised

Joe Brooks says:

iPad has a lot of hidden opportunities. Lots of users have no idea. If you are got more from your iPad click here_tiny.cc/ipadvideoplus__100% Positive reviews!

ROBLOXIANTURBO Robloxian says:

I'm gonna get a iPad ( . Y . )

zainab alavi says:

im dying to get acer tablet

MKGirlism says:

And while being a Game Developer, I need to have USB Ports for:
– Mouse.
– Keyboard.
– External HDD.
– USB Host for the 3DS DevKit.

Still enough for the extender, as I can connect to the Wii U DevKit via LAN only (and WiFi on the Surface Pro works too), and charging my Phone can be done using the Surface Pro Power Adapter.

AMGV Media says:

still enough if you want a physical keyboard or mouse.

MKGirlism says:

Lol, Windows 8 = Fastest PC!
If you would say "Windows 8 = Fastest OS", it would make much more sense.

MKGirlism says:

There's only one USB Port.
I do have an extender for 4 USB Ports, it works, but it has more of a Desktop feel, than a Tablet feel.
And in fact, it already is a PC, with or without USB Ports.

AMGV Media says:

you can also use it just like a pc with usb ports I think

MKGirlism says:

My mother has an iPad with Retina Screen, while I have a Surface Pro.
I love my Surface Pro way more than her iPad, and way and way more than any Android Tablet on the market.
Android Phones are great, always the most powerful Phones on the market, but Android Tablets are generally cheap and way underpowered, and besides that, most Apps that run on Tablets are just Phone Apps, up-scaled to Tablet Screens.
So why getting a Tablet for Phone Apps, if I can run all Desktop Apps on mine?

jhe3903 says:

Windows metro is almost useless on my laptop, I just use it as an app drawer like launchpad on mac. On the other hand i love windows 8 desktop

Roger Dy says:

windows 8 is 2013 not 2011

txmoney says:

Your complaints are answered. Surface Pro is the best Windows 8 tablet on the market. Absolutely ZERO lag. The IE10 experience will blow you away…blazing fast. Best browser experience I've ever had.

Ritt Momney says:

What the fuck? He doesn't even show the desktop! That is the prime advantage between every single tablet in the world vs Windows 8 Tablets…

Ritt Momney says:

I absolutely hate things designed for touchscreen, I hate using in-store apps from the windows store because it is designed for touch, I downloaded Angry birds from Pirate Bay instead of the Windows store because I hate the whole touch experience! I personally find it boring to have things designed for touch screen devices, it gets boring very quickly, where as in Windows 8, I just go to the desktop mode, I use the Win 8 charm thing for a minute or less a day, I use the desktop for 3+ hours.

realno sprdam says:

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