iPad Falls From Edge Of Space – And Survives

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Attached to a weather balloon, an Apple iPad was lifted to over 100,000 feet and dropped back down to Earth encased in G-Form Extreme Edge case. It remained on throughout the drop and landed fully functional. Read more here: http://goo.gl/s8TNZE


Bio Warz says:

It only survived because it was in a package

DminorEPICdude says:

Send a Nokia to fall from Pluto and it wont scratch

Sean Weaver says:

obviously fake brushisles next time fix the audio if you wanna make something believable, yeah just hit's ground footsteps around, and supposedly your 70 feet from the impact. Your an idiot

Dominic Carlo Buendia says:

wow! i cant believe that the camera survive! i need that camera!

Markus Laas says:

1. that case is very protective 2. that was estimated 8000m high 3. these airbaloons wont fly to edge of space

iSharky says:

the ipad got an iron man shield cover, thats why the ipad is still working bytheway !! but there is not the edge of the space its Almost the edge of the space and thats why its not burning down though

risingfire8352 says:

Ipad falls from edge of space, no cracks.
My ipod falls from hand, cracked beyond recognition.

DayDreamerVideos123 says:


"no dude it's just an iPad falling from space with a yellow case!"

Gentry Perry says:

I hate the Gays
and i hate immigrants
and everyone whose name is mike

krisha pacheco says:

Ok I dropped my iPad on the floor and it cracked and I was 16 inches tall

Michaelisnotonfire卌 says:

so thats where are balloons go

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