iOS 6 / iOS 5 – New Features / Tips – How to WIFI Sync with iTunes iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / iPad

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Close – Mixing it up with Apple
The Beauty of WIFI Sync! Today I am going to teach you how to sync your iPhone / iPod or iPad over WIFI. This is a very useful and unique feature Apple has given us with the new iOS 5 update. I have tried it several times and it is amazing. It will also automatically sync your phone while its charging in your SLEEP! This is such an innovative technology. Now sometimes it could take a while to get everything sync’d especially if you choose to have all of your data sync’d over WIFI. But give it a shot! iOS 5 is the latest operating system of iDevices from Apple. WIFI Sync cuts the cable form your phone and computer.

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Lekkala Prudhvi says:

can u help me out mr.dom
i hav sync with 2 computers 

mr AL says:

i cannot sync while unpluged from power

RedLeg Zeff says:

do iOS 8 version

VHS Inc says:

Doesn't work

2jz101 says:

i have done everything u told, but as i unplug my cable from laptop , the iphone icon disappears from itunes

Shivana Singh says:

I did this and it worked the first time, but after a few days I tried it again but itunes wouldnt pick up my ??

cameron thomas says:

Thanks man

kristinaslik says:

a one sentence explanation extended into 6 minutes of " oh… i'm sorry…… here……. oh….. I'm sorry……… let me….. oh…." 

Man.. fuck you and your long ass stories 

Vikram Singh says:

Hi thanks for the video, sync is working but after some time iTunes will disappear my phone after some time, cant i saved this setting permanently?  

your mothers box says:

my phone wont sync to my computer and wont charge when plugged into the wall. I have to turn it off fully to charge it, which i can handle, but is there any way i can do this without the first sync using the chord?

ITzBeat | New Channel! says:

What does wifi syncing do?

enrique rodriquez says:

no work 

Skrillexsgames says:

Didn't work

Sean Moriguchi says:

top vid mate

Francisco Aaron Cervantes says:

Thanks! :)

Dganit Golan says:

thanks man, until this video i was songless since my dumb computer wont sync with a cable

Marco Melendez says:

I thought I would be able to look at my music thats on my computer through my phone and sync that lol, this is useless

Alexander Pimentel says:

i have a question. can i do this on window 7 or is only on mac?? and i have an ipod 4g ios 6.1.3. please anwser.

Jazmine Soto says:

I'm having the same problem!!

aryancrash says:

How do you that with the lockscreen and the notification bar

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