Installing MorphOS on an iBook G4

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This is a good example of how not reading and researching things carefully can result in blundering errors. In this episode, I install the wrong OS and don’t realize this until I’m done editing.

My intention was to install AmigaOS, NOT MorphOS which is just amiga-like. FML

perhaps next week? At least the title of this video sounds more like something that came out of the Druaga1 video generator randomly.


takedeepshhh says:

@19min i wonder if he figured out the menus..:) (hint: rmb)

(…later) seems not…


install ubuntu studio on celeron pc.

Goblin King says:

12:28 Is that your IP address?

Amendzz SlazTic says:

i don't smoke am i still allowed to watch

xXpuppytailsXx says:

I don't skip ads on this channel. I love this channel this much

Yavuz Ekim Bovkır says:

first 46 minutes he tries to untie the cable other 32 seconds is the os installation

Iron Noteblock says:

Important Videos

Waffles aRe Forever says:

That mac kinda looks like GLaDOS from PORTAL

Kostas Honros says:

dude the part with the charger almost fuckin triggurd my ocd

PSIJimboΩ says:

13:27 Arnold Druaganager.

The Dank MLG 666 says:

Druaga1 can you install ubuntu in ibook g4

Alessandro Trezza says:

Coooooonnn teeeeeeee partiroooooò… Su naviii per mariiiii che non ho maiiii VEEEDUTOOO E VISUTO CON TEEEEE….. WAW???

Solodam says:

next time try unpacking those archives, and stuff might actually work :)

Eric Morales says:

0:47 This is where he goes bat shit crazy

Firepal says:

do amigaOS now

Andrew Dupuis says:

I have same mac g4 you have

Corrupted Monster says:

How high was he in this video? ????

Maegerdot says:

26:46 oh, cool! Isiah's in this!

wheetcracker says:


Now that's the kind of content I come to this channel for.

PixelPickaxe says:

The patent was lifted last year.

The MaskedGeek (Masked GEEK) says:

I've gone into the trouble of scouring their website for you, MorphOS isn't free. On their site it says it costs 79EUR (approx $81) to but a license for a single laptop, and, AND, here's the kicker, the licence key gets locked to your machine as well so you can't use that key file on another machine even if you remove the os from the laptop, sell it, and try to put MorphOS on another laptop.

Go to their FAQ section and it states this as the 4th question down in the Basic Information section.


Druaga I love your videos. They really make me laugh and get me into doing more computer related stuff. Thank you!

Incognito Joe says:

I'll check on the idea of a install mini-game on my new OS soon to release called Crymson OS. I wouldn't mind hiring you on Bug Testing hoping March… e-mail me on any other ideas. I hope you wont mind…

Honse says:

tfw morph refuses to boot on my powerbook g4 :(((((

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