Import iTunes Music to Google Play

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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to import your iTunes Music to Google Play so that you can take your music with you wherever you go. Admittedly, I was unaware of the updated look and updated functions of Google Play so that is why I sound as confused as I do in the video. Through some trial and error, I accomplished what I wanted to show all of you. I hope you find this video helpful.

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ClaseTalleres says:

Do i have to pay to use my itunes library inmy android?

Benjamin Barker's 360 VR Hawaii says:

Mahalo Brah. The project thanks you.

gusto4106 says:

to play your music on Google play, you would need internet connection. not good

Leanna Jacobo says:

Thank's for the help all you have to do is open your google play music add music from Itunes and there you have your music

Chris Hammer says:

when you upload the songs to google play, and your off wifi does it use data to play the song?

Hasek000 says:

I've heard that you need to be online to listen your songs on Google play after the sync. Is that true ? Thanks

Oreo Productions says:

i just got my new phone and it is a goolge phone and im trying to switch my music from my ipod and im scared it will mess my phone up. will it mess it up or add any glitches or virses to it that would make it slow down or shut down compleatly? also i was wondering if i did a steo wrong if that might make me lose all my music in the prosses or swaping.

BrBasik says:

Listen now is not on my screen.

Carol Harris says:

does not say, 'add music' …????

XmenMagnetoAcolytes says:

You cannot transfer movies from google play to itunes. And can you keep movies without being on the internet?

Rose says:

what if you have 30,000 songs? Won't it buffer and eventually give up

Travis Kerwin says:

Can u do this the other way around and get play music on iTunes?

Alayna Krom says:

i love your music choices!!

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