iBook vs. MacBook – What is the difference?

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A lot of my customers ask what the difference is between the iBook and the MacBook, since I do sell a lot of both. This video details all the main differences. Visit my website at www.iBookGuy.com


Sponzor says:

really 300-400 its not worth 50

Tristan Kratz (Tristris389) says:

I like the keyboard on the iBook better.

Dementia Studios VGCP says:

Mac book can run GTA V at the lowest settings :3

inkydink815 says:

Honestly 6 GB is enough to get by and can run most software for professionals

E Tech Reviews says:

that is one of my favorite mod tracker files/songs

ProCreeper 2000 says:

2011: 6GB RAM is so much!
2016: 8 GB? RUBBISH! I NEED 16!!

Matthew28845 says:


dhodz hoddy says:

I bought a Macbook Pro online for $530. #Winning

Michael Butler says:

You can't imagine someone needing 6GBs or more of RAM. Now everyone these days has 8-16 GBs of RAM. And yes I know this video was made in 2011.

IntelBoy 4790k says:

actually, some 2009-2011 models can un-officially run up to 10gb ram.

Ryan O'Farrell says:

The latest OS is 10.11

Patricio Corella says:

nice explanation

Xtianz says:

iBook and Macbook are really same. Apple decided to change the name of their laptops from "book" to "mac".

Chris Wheeler says:

chromebook can't viruses while the macbook can but is rare

SurferBlox says:

Who would ever need 6gb of ram?

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