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I get a lot of iBook clamshell models and fix them up and sell them on ebay. This is the video I use on my auctions.


PowerDVD3000 says:

Everyone, he doesn't sell computers anymore!

shep says:

Clever title

Brody Wasson says:

ill buy one

NateWalley says:

i will buy one right now send links

Priceless Persuader says:

Hell no.

oliverwoman666 says:

Can it be use for YouTube

James Greer says:

Can I buy one

James Johnston says:

Were is your store located?

Sarah Ortiz says:

Very interested in buying an iBook from you please contact me @ sarahschool08@gmail.com

What The Fox says:

I am looking for a nice Ibook to do some of the usual, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, Email and maby even Skype (if a Ibook can even do that) I would like to check your collection out! What's your Ebay?

djSTiidx says:

Are any of them on buy it now? If so, what is the price range for them? But at least I know where to buy a great laptop.

austin sowers says:

would you be interested in buying one?

AMP Tech says:

old ide hard drives the size of 2.5 will do fine. dont be surprised, theres a lotta pins. im using an old hard drive from my toshiba laptop from 2005

Ed Lara says:

you can kinda of use it as today's iPad nice job on them

loubluemoon says:

Where can I find a seller like you today!?

Madi Louise says:


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